Load Balancers Don’t Die–They Get Virtualized for Optimal Application Delivery!

August 5, 2009 - 1 Comment

First of all let me introduce myself….English native now Americanized who has been in the valley for 15 years, having worked with likes of Cisco, Bay, Sun , Brocade, Neterion, and now Cisco again, with firm roots in server, storage, networking, and I/O virtualization. Due to how social media and Web 2.0, changes how we work, play and interact daily, I have decided to take up blogging, especially around Data Center Virtualization, which has now become a #1 priority for I.T. It has been proven that virtualization of key data center assets increases efficiency by harnessing the power of underutilized resources, which in turn lowers CAPEX and OPEX, leading to better scalability and overall IT agility. To date, server, storage and network infrastructure products have been virtualized in the data center but virtualization of the server load balancer has been missing from this picture (in my humble opinion). Yes, those devices that sit peacefully in your virtualized data center don’t complain much and get the job done. They’re often thought of as distant cousins to those beefed up servers with their silky hypervisors… Why am I hot under the collar, you ask? Simply put: Why has the deployment of server load balancers with virtualized architectures for efficient and optimal application delivery not been on the data center manager’s radar? After all, they understand the benefits of server, storage, and network virtualization, correct?. Maybe it is because they are unfamiliar with the value of a virtualized server load balancer or merely unaware of any load balancer with a virtualized architecture!

My mission (which I have gladly accepted) is to bring virtualization of server load balancer to mainstream IT virtualization projects and drive awareness of deploying virtualized server load balancing for efficient and optimal application delivery and as, my old school teacher (bless her) used to say the “proof is in the pudding”. Download IDC Technology Spotlight June 2009, “Extending the Benefits of Virtualization to Load Balancers in the Datacenter” Finally, would you virtualize your server load balancer if you could scale with virtual devices rather the physical devices and get more value for your money? Sure you would! Yogesh Rami Product Marketing Manager, Cisco Data Center Solutions yrami@cisco.com http://www.cisco.com/go/ace twitter: @ciscoace

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  1. you have echoed my thoughts. Why don’t people use virtual appliances of all the devices they have traditionally deployed in the DCs?As you say, they are either not aware of the possibility, or uneducated in the value of doing so.To help with this education, and awareness raising. Take a look at a load balancer that has been available for virtualisation as long as virtualisation has been around…http://www.zeus.com/downloads/zxtm.html 😉