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I hope you are all packed and ready for Cisco Live – Las Vegas next week. In the Sin City we will demo our innovative products and solution architectures that will help simplify and accelerate your journey to private and hybrid clouds. The best way to quickly learn about our products and solutions is by seeing them “LIVE IN ACTION”. With more than 50-60 demos being showcased across different focus areas (e.g. Borderless networks, collaboration, data center etc.) in the Cisco Main Booth, I thought it would be helpful to highlight the data center specific demos.

Dedicated to Cisco Data Center products and solution architectures, we have total of 12 demo kiosks with different themes as listed below. Each of the kiosks will have one or more demos that will highlight Cisco’s unique offering in that focus area. All the kiosks will be staffed by Cisco experts to answer all your tough questions. I am very excited to be part of the show and would love the opportunity to meet you in person. I will be available at the data center demo kiosk 12 – “Automate and Simplify Your Journey to Cloud”.

Data center Demo Kiosk # Demo Theme Demo Details
1 Inside Cisco IT Data Centers This demo kiosk will provide insight into Cisco IT’s experience and lessons learned from deploying Cisco’s own products and technologies in a typical global enterprise setup. We will also showcase how these IT solutions are enabling key business strategies to achieve great results. Please stop by and see how Cisco addresses many of the same IT challenges you face every day!

2 Virtualization and Cloud Enablement Services The demos and case studies showcased in this kiosk will give you insight into how Cisco is addressing the common barriers to VDI adoption:

  • How do you plan a VDI solution that optimizes user experience and protects your data and intellectual property?
  • How do you dynamically manage cloud infrastructures while delivering the services your users need?

3 Unified Fabric – Power of Convergence The demos in this kiosk will provide you awareness and value of Cisco as a leader in the transformation to the virtualized data center and cloud. The demos will highlight the benefits of Cisco’s End to-End FCoE and Unified Fabric solutions to help achieve network convergence and achieve higher levels of data center efficiency.

4 Unified Fabric – Massive Scalability This demo kiosk will showcase the key Cisco fabric scale-out features such as OTV, LISP, and FabricPath.

  • OTV enables the deployment of virtual computing resources and clusters across geographically distributed data centers, delivering transparent workload mobility, business resiliency, and superior computing resource efficiencies.
  • LISP provides simplified multi-homed routing, facilitates scalable any-to-any WAN connectivity, and helps enables data center VM mobility
  • FabricPath brings the benefits of Layer 3 routing to Layer 2 switched networks to build a highly resilient and scalable Layer 2 fabric

5 Unified Network Services

This demo kiosk showcases the value of Cisco ACE load balancing and WAAS WAN optimization technologies for accelerating the performance of virtualized Microsoft Exchange 2010 and SharePoint 2010 deployments in a typical datacenter and branch offices setup.

Management tools such as Cisco WAAS Central Manager for managing and monitoring the application performance enhancements will also be highlighted.

6 Extending I/O with Adapter-FEX and VM-FEX in Cisco UCS

This demo kiosk will feature Virtual Machine Fabric Extender (VM-FEX) technology that extends Cisco’s Fabric Extender Technology (FEX) all the way to the virtual machines. VM-FEX unifies the virtual and physical switching infrastructure into a single easy to manage network infrastructure.
7 Cisco UCS Manager and Service Profiles

This demo kiosk highlights the following key capabilities in Cisco UCS:

  • Stateless servers, logical server mobility and independence from hardware-based identifiers
  • Unified Fabric (network and storage, management  and IPMI)
  • Centralized management, regardless of scale
  • Building-block entities (policies, pools, templates) to facilitate re-use and rapid server provisioning
  • Comprehensive device manager, providing granular inventory

8 SAP Rapid Provisioning on Vblock

This demo kiosk showcases business environment suitable to a business level audience. This demo runs on a Cisco UCS with B200 blades and shows form creation, data base table creation and simple scripting to integrate sample databases with a Cisco front end.
9 Cisco VXI: Experience Desktop Virtualization See how the end users can freely collaborate using rich media and real-time voice and video collaboration applications in a virtual desktop environment, anytime, anywhere, on any device. Cisco Virtualization Experience Infrastructure (VXI) frees the business, IT and users from the constraints of the traditional desktop by evolving to a  virtualized collaborative workspace that delivers business agility, efficiency and resiliency, together with a productive end-user experience that supports virtual desktop computing, voice and video collaboration
10 Secure Multi-tenancy on FlexPod Secure separation is a critical requirement for companies looking to move to virtualized x86 platforms and building private, public, or hybrid clouds.  FlexPod for VMware, a converged infrastructure platform developed by Cisco, NetApp, and VMware integrates secure multi-tenancy capabilities, allowing companies to deploy mission-critical applications in a secure virtualized environment. This demo kiosk will showcase the key design principles and enabling technologies for secure multi-tenancy on FlexPod.
11 Data Center Interconnect (DCI) DCI is a technology suite that enables the concept of virtualized Data Centers connected over distance. The four main pillars of DCI include LAN extensions, Storage Extensions, Routing Optimizations and Virtualization. Here are the key use cases that will be showcased:

  • Virtualized Workload Mobility is a defined use case that highlights the specific details required to enable virtual machine mobility between Data Centers across DCI.
  • Capacity Expansion is another great use case that uses DCI, enabling increased data center utilization for maintenance, migration or peak load purposes.
12 Automate and Simplify Your Journey to Cloud This demo kiosk will showcase Cisco IT’s real world deployment of Cisco’s Intelligent Automation solution along with VMware vCloud Director to provide

ITaaS capability for Cisco employees worldwide. The demo will provide insight into the self-service portal, service catalog, and orchestration capabilities in the solution that help rapidly provision and manage virtual infrastructure for end users from a single pane of glass.

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  1. Abhinav:
    I felt like I missed a huge opp by not attending Cisco Live. As an IC supplier to Cisco we are probably not the intended audience, but I heard it went well.
    Planning on attending next year.
    What was your experience?