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Large Scale Data Centers

April 2, 2008 - 0 Comments

Microsoft was quoted in this article by TechTarget where they discussed many interesting factors about how to design, build, and operate large-scale data centers. I especially liked the reality check that governments wil regulate this and we will need to offer greater visibility and transparency into IT operations if we are going to accurately account for carbon credits and such.Also there is really no way to accurately measure ‘good workload performed’ versus just ‘workload performed’. This is a fundamental problem that will plague us a bit moving forward. i.e. I can drive a 60-70% utilization of a CPU by loading up VMs on it, each with their own O/S and all running say a finance application or web sites. But if no one is using the web sites or the finance app then is it really ‘efficient’ or am I simply gaming the system.Lastly the not-so-subtle jab at Google’s secrecy surrounding their facilities designs was cute.Speaking of, tune in next Tuesday. We have some amazing new stuff coming that will really change the game in the data center. It’s so fun to be working in this space right now!dg

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