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Cisco John Chambers brought a lot of substance today at Oracle OpenWorld

October 5, 2011 - 0 Comments

Some people with probably think that I drank the Kool aid- Well our CEO and Chairman did a fantastic job this morning as a key note speaker at Oracle OpenWorld! Not as controversial as other CEOs , but certainly a speech which makes employees very proud to work for Cisco.

John McAbel who has been involved in the preparation of this speech warned me couple of days ago

“We are very excited to have John Chambers at Oracle OpenWorld this year.  It’s the first year he is a key note speaker in four years at the conference  I think it’s a reflection of the growth of the UCS within the Oracle ecosystem  We have now hundreds of customers who are running UCS today , many of these customers are running large Oracle mission critical workload, such as EMC, Qualcom, University of Colarado, and others . So I think that John being here is a reflection of this growth, but also of the overall commitment of the partnership between the two companies Openworld in fact runs on Cisco networking gear and we  run a lot of Cisco on  Oracle eBusiness  Suite  and  Oracle data base . So there is a nice synergy between the two companies

I think you’ll find this  key notes unlike other key notes at Oracle OpenWorld , where we are going to have demonstration on stage of Cisco UCS running Oracle codes, we are also going to show how we can take that technology to help improve how customers will process words and some of the processes you will find them entertaining !”

– He was right !I saw this morning a constant flow of appreciative tweets on John’s speech Here are some of them starting with  Marc Benioff  from  “John Chambers is delivering one of the best keynotes in our industry. Watching him is humbling. He is as good as they get.”( @benioff)

“Have to say, Cisco CEO John Chambers is an excellent speaker, nice mix of biz, tech and vision RT “(@mfauscette)
“That winds up John Chambers. Impressive talk! I learned a lot.”(@Oracleheretic)
“Keynotes focusing on substance, not style issues. Other keynoters should take note, emulate“(@carterlusher)
“Vendors that speak at industry conf’s should replay John Chambers #oow11 keynote. Very  good balance of Thought Leadership + Product Pitch” (@sameerpatel)
“John Chambers is the best speaker in our industry. #oow11 He sets the bar.”
“Bold & consistent if nothing else” (@ca_bshimmin)
“Great ideas! John Chambers, Cisco President, at Oracle OpenWorld”

I will not go through all the rich content of this entertaining and some times provocative speech  (“If you agree with everything I say today, I haven’t done my job”. John Chambers).  I hope to be very soon in a position to point to a the slide deck or even the recording of the speech – So stay tuned
But here are some talking points (as perceived by the audience) , as well as the first reactions  on this speech about change from The Register and The New York Time

“We are living through  market transitions at a higher pace than ever before”

“We’re moving from an information economy to a networked economy – based on relevance and access to expertise.”

“1 in 3  college students judges  internet as  important as air, water, food, shelter”

“4 foundational priorities – leadership in core – routing/etc. 2. collaboration; 3. data center/virtualization 4. video.”

“Video will be the platform for all forms of communication as we go forward.”

“Collaboration is the productivity tool of the future”

John talk about the success of Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS) the server platform developed in close collaboration with Intel . He highlighted the fact that on 18 months, UCS attracted close to close to 9000 customers, delivered 49 record benchmarks , including 12 with Oracle applications, and is now the number 2 platform in North America and number 3 world wide in the blade server market, the fastest growing server market.

Jim Grub, Cisco Chief demo joined  also John Chambers on stage for some “Penn and Teller” demos, showing  the benefits and ease of the UCS management system, the Cius tablet and other cool collaboration solutions demos –

Finally John Chambers concluded on Cisco Oracle Partnership – A topic that John McAbel was commenting for me a couple of days ago

” Customers ask from time to time how strong is the partnership This partnership has been going on for 18 years – For 16 years it’s was focused on network products, but the last two years the partnership has moved into a different realm When we brought the UCS on the market , one of the first ISV we send the system to, was Oracle  and we ask them to install data base, applications and hypervisor and provide us feedback . And that led to us to seating down as a partner with Oracle and defining exactly  how you would test and certify Oracle RAC on UCS  and so that’s  standard of testing  we help to define with Oracle and we were the first vendor to have  a server certified with Oracle RAC . Since that initial work  we have installed UCS in all of Oracle Customer briefing centers in the United States, we’ve got demonstrations that we can do within Cisco facilities or at customers sites around Oracle data base, EBusiness Suite, RAC , we’ve got a lot of activities at the field level – A lot of customers are coming to us  from the Oracle  sales forces strangely enough. Situations where the customers do want definitely to take a new direction  They want to have an architecture that’s built  first and foremost around the fabric , around networking so that they can define a clear path to cloud computing in the future.  I think that shows that the Oracle Sales team understands that the Cisco UCS is definitely  one of the lead product to take people to cloud ”

To read more about John Chambers speech  the articles  from the Register and from The New York Time.

The show goes on – so please follow us on @ciscodc and using the hashtag #oowcisco  or visit our booth #721 -Also Cisco activities at Open OracleWorld

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