It’s a boy!

March 26, 2012 - 2 Comments

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“It’s a boy!!!” my friend Kim told me just minutes after her 18 week ultrasound. Even though we were texting I could tell her excitement was restrained despite the exclamation points. Later that day she shared “he’s healthy but…[big inhale]…he has a cleft lip [even bigger exhale]”

This unexpected information meant more tests for her and her unborn son, Mason. It meant a series of surgeries starting at 6 months until age 5. It brought a lot of anxiety to Kim’s entire family.

In addition, the diagnosis raised a lot of questions such as, “Will Mason be okay? How will my family support him and cope with our baby having surgery? Will my insurance cover all that is needed to treat his cleft lip? Will his treatment be personalized? Will I…will he…be subjected to unnecessary tests? Will there be a lot of tests? Can I trust that his healthcare team is up to date on all the latest treatments? Will there be a team of healthcare experts to support us as Mason recovers from each surgery?”

Kim had a lot to prepare for and wanted to feel confident about Mason’s healthcare team. She wanted to know that the most experienced doctors would provide the best care possible based on leading industry practices.  What she wanted most was peace of mind that her son would be ok.

Improving the outcomes of patients like Mason while simultaneously alleviating the burden on physicians is no easy task. It takes a bold and innovative company to tackle such a challenge, one who is at the forefront of the healthcare industry and can envision improved care, better outcomes, and healthier people.

CareCore National is such a company. The company currently has contracts with more than 25 health plans working with 600,000 physicians providing care to 68.8 million people.

CareCore is committed to applying evidence-based medicine to improve healthcare service delivery. Using their network as the cornerstone for healthcare advances, the company’s doctors and nurses conduct an average of 45,000 medical reviews each day, authorizing procedures based on their historical effectiveness for similar patients. In the process, CareCore continually increases the size and value of decision-support systems that correlate symptoms, treatment pathways, and outcomes.

“Physicians want to spend time seeing their patients. One of the things that CareCore does is force advances on the healthcare system by applying the latest technology to the actual care process out in the market” say Dr. Bartley Bryt, executive vice president of product & development, CareCore National.

So how do they do it? With a combination of highly rated professional and technical services, industry-leading products, and an ecosystem of partners delivered by Cisco.

Underpinning CareCore’s ability to analyze very large data sets—8 billion new pieces of evidence in 2011 alone—is a next-generation data center platform. Made up of products from Cisco, VMware, and EMC, the data center has helped to reduce time to launch new lines of business from six months to two weeks. Furthermore, software engineers can now devote 80% of their time to development versus the 50% prior to the new data center.

“If you think of the data center as carpeting, we wanted wall-to-wall carpeting, not area rugs with gaps between,” says William Moore, chief technology officer, CareCore.

Mapping technology investment to business objectives can be a challenge. CareCore looked to Cisco Services to help. “We are continually changing our technology, and Cisco Services provides continuity to make sure we don’t have isolated solutions deployed in a fragmented manner,” says Matt Cunningham, senior vice president of IT , CareCore.

Mason certainly didn’t care about the technology infrastructure his healthcare team invested in. His mom, who works at Cisco and is entrenched in technology didn’t care much about it either. But they are both grateful for the end result: a healthy 2 year old boy who is excited to turn 3 soon.

Hear directly from CareCore:

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  1. I was not in the video, but I helped to build out the data center in SC and the NJ. CareCore is doing great things with Cisco.

  2. Stories like this one always remind me how lucky we are to live in our era and in our countries where technologies allow such miracles.

    Yes, I do feel somehow grateful for this kind of luck. Our grandparents didn’t enjoy such marvels from science.