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Is there a tool that does…

February 2, 2009 - 3 Comments

So am using Google Reader to read my feeds I subscribe to, also using Google News for on-demand news emails to me for key terms I track. (cisco+nexus, cisco+data+center, etc). Is there any way to combine these or a tool/mashup that I am not using but should that lets me read through my subscribed news feeds, but also does key term searches of the aggregate of blog-rolls and news feeds so I can then be more accurate on the ‘what I am reading’ section. Right now I have to subscribe to the RSS feed to be able to post it. dg

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  1. Hi Doug,You can do a lot of great RSS aggregation and filtering using Yahoo! Pipes and PostRank.With a few hours of elbow grease, it’s possible to get the effect of a personalized TechMeme””. Massively efficient!- Ethan”

  2. Along these lines, a way to weigh”” items based on tags or key words.For instance, an article with a title of:””Cisco to cut 5k jobs next quarter””would get a weight of -50, and thus put any future items that look like this below items that look like:””Cisco releases huge security update””Something like this would get a weight of +80, and thus put it and things like it to the top.Anyone know of anything that does that?”

  3. Go to your favorite Search Engine, subscribe to the search terms’ RSS feed.I use Yahoo! and Google and read it in Google Reader.