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Is VDI right for your BYOD requirements?

May 18, 2012 - 1 Comment

Gone are the days when an employee would be issued a single desktop computer to use for all work-related tasks. The bring your own device, or BYOD revolution is being driven by an increasingly mobile and geographically dispersed workforce that want to use their device of choice for personal and work related activities. Organizations today depend increasingly on offsite knowledge workers, independent contractors, consultants, distributed call centers, and globe-traveling executives to operate successfully. Not only do those workers demand remote access, they want that access from a growing array of devices—from laptops and ultrabooks, to tablets and smartphones.


The good news is that IT today has options for addressing these challenges. There are two distinct options for implementing a BYOD strategy: to “go native” or to virtualize. Do you go for a native solution, in which applications and data reside on the actual devices? Or do you go for a virtualized solution, where applications and data reside in the data center with access being provided through a virtual desktop? Cisco’s BYOD and VXI Smart Solutions address these models respectively.

Although native deployments make good sense in many cases—such as in limited-access scenarios that support select applications like email, calendaring, the Intranet and certain mobile or SaaS applications—there are many scenarios where a full desktop and application experience is critical.

Adoption rates of desktop virtualization or VDI based BYOD deployments are on the rise thanks to the advantages that virtualization offers for more sophisticated use cases. The virtual deployment model centralize and simplify security and provide users with easier access to more applications, to more diverse end-points. However the virtual model also requires more infrastructure.

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  1. I agree with you that there isn’t a one size fit all for BYOD. VDI is a great solution for certain verticals but trying to shoehorn a full desktop or desktop formatted application onto a mobile device is a bad approach to mobile BYOD. Microsoft has proved that no one wants a full Windows desktop on their mobile device.

    The key will be building custom applications that can be presented on any device. The challenge that I see mostly is protecting data. I’d like to see some data from companies pushing VDI as a mobile BYOD solution on adoption by end users once made available. Better would be survey data showing how accepting end users are of these solutions.