Introducing Network Services Manager for Cisco Intelligent Automation for Cloud 3.1

November 6, 2012 - 0 Comments

The release of Cisco Intelligent Automation for Cloud 3.1 (Cisco IAC) begins to address one of the key questions of our customers who are building public and private clouds:  How can I automate the network services configuration in my data center pod to enable policy-based network infrastructure as a service for my customers?

Some of you may be familiar with the Cisco Network Services Manager (Cisco NSM), part of the Intelligent Automation software portfolio.  With the release of Cisco IAC 3.1, Cisco NSM is now integrated with and bundled as part of Cisco IAC, laying the foundation for infrastructure as a service.

Let’s take a look at some of the features in NSM for Cisco IAC:

Feature 1: Define and Control Behavior and Characteristics of Data Center Pods

Cisco NSM abstracts the features, services, and resources from the underlying network infrastructure that are critical to cloud operations, and models these in software. The resulting models, objects and policies are used to enable administrators to define and control the behavior and characteristics of the network to support the varied network services required for multiple users of a data center pod.

Feature 2: Automates End-To-End Network Infrastructure as a Service

Cisco NSM enables just-in-time service delivery models to automatically translate a “Network Container” request into an end-to-end network service topology, including configuration of routers, switches, firewalls, and other devices on the network.

Feature 3: Business Policy Driven

Policies enforce topology models, network features and network behaviors to ensure adherence to organizational or architectural requirements e.g. all the security, isolation, features and resources to support the desired “tier of service”, and control the characteristics and behavior of multi-user data centers. As business needs evolve, new policies can be constructed and existing policies adjusted.

Cisco IAC 3.1 includes a Cisco Process Orchestrator adapter, which drives the northbound APIs of Cisco NSM.   Through this adapter, Cisco IAC allows customers to order their network resources to be assigned to individual virtual machines or virtual data centers.   A services engagement from Cisco or channel partner is required to complete the automation process to the customer’s specific requirements.

Now with Cisco IAC 3.1, integrated with Cisco NSM, our customers now have the foundation to enable end-to-end network provisioning.  As we continue with even richer and tighter integration we will keep you updated!

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