Introducing Data Center Virtual Symposia [updated]

March 21, 2012 - 14 Comments

After, chatting with other cohorts in the industry (namely Greg Ferro aka Ethereal Mind and of PacketPushers fame, Stephen Foskett of Tech Field Day fame and also writer of his own blog, and Ivan Pepelnjak who, amongst other things, writes an excellent blog on networking topics), its clear that trying to stay up to speed with all the various happenings in going on in the data center is pretty near impossible because of the sheer volume of information and the signal-to-noise radio that sometimes gets out of hand.  While all of us, in our own little ways are doing our piece to help address this through blogging, white papers, seminars and the like, we wanted to try something a little different to really dig into some of the more complex topics and came up with the concept of Virtual Symposiums:

  • Focused discussion on a single topic
  • Panel discussion with industry experts (or at least folks that believe themselves to be experts)
  • Focus on helping attendees understand the “how” and “why” of different technologies as opposed to advocating a particular perspective
  • Interactive, open to audience interaction–the goal is to get your questions answered

Our first symposium, next Tuesday, is going to cover  storage convergence.  Joining our panel for this discussion, we are lucky to have J Metz (@drjmetz) joining us to lend his FCoE and storage expertise. We will also get joined by special guest Stu Miniman (@stu), Principal Analyst from Wikibon who also brings perspectives shaped by over a decade in the storage market. We are going to spend approxiamtely the first half of the symposium discussing the storage options out their: FC, FCoE, and iSCSI and when we think each one makes sense (or not). As I noted above, the goal is to not push a particular technology agenda, but to educate you, and let you make your own decisions.  The balance of the session is open for Q&A–we will cove some of the common questions that we see all the time, but we expect you, the audience, to drive a lot of the discussion.

So, mark you calendar and join us–if you are familiar with this crew, you know it will be both educational and entertaining.

This particular session will be delivered via WebEx on Tuesday, March 27 from 9am-12pm Pacific Time.  The link to participate is and the password is “cisco”. There is no pre-registration necessary.

For subsequent symposia, we are looking other meaty topics like VM networking, data center interconnect and we are not done with storage yet.


Here is the replay link for folks that miss the live session:

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  1. Thanks Stu–was great to have you on the show–we’ll have to do another one of these soon. My public service announcement for the day–if you like Stu’s commentary on the show, make a point to check out some of his research over at Wikibon.


  2. Omar,
    Thanks for having me on the panel. If anyone has follow-up questions for me, they can get me on Twitter @stu or post a comment or question on the Wikibon site.
    Principal Research Contributor

  3. Here is the replay link for folks that could not make the original session:


  4. Hi Omar… the session recording will definitively be welcomed as I wanted to participate but couldn’t. Looking forward to it… thanks!

  5. Hey folks–good to see all the interest.

    So, yes, we will record the entire session, so I guess that will make it admissible in court at a later date. Once we get done with the recording, I need to figure out how best to chunk up the recording and then I’ll post it somewhere. As entertaining as we all are, I am not sure how many of you want to sit through a three webex recording (except, of course, you, mom).

    Catch you all on line tomorrow and bring your questions.


  6. I will not be able to attend this live event. Will it be archived for download at a later date?

  7. Will this be recorded? It will be 2am in my timezone

  8. Will this webex be recorded for later viewing?

  9. Will the session be recorded and available to download? Not sure if I will be able to attend but I want to watch it for sure.

  10. If it’s anything like the PacketPushers podcast it should be a load of fun. Just the nitty gritty, real world technical discussion without the marketing spin. Can’t wait.

  11. Hey Omar!
    (Disclaimer: I work for HP Storage & am on Twitter as @HPStorageGuy)

    I think it’s a great topic though I think the naming is a bit off – I’d say your discussion is about converged storage networking.

    At HP, our storage strategy is converged storage and it’s far more than a networking discussion. If you’re interested in seeing what we call converged storage, here’s a link to blog posts I have on the topic:

    When are we ever going to meet face-to-face?

    • Hey Calvin:

      Thanks for taking the time to respond. You know, your title is probably more accurate–see that’s what happens when you let networking folks talk about storage.

      So, there are a number of customers who continue to have a storage strategy that draws on both our companies solutions. At the end of the day, both of our companies’ efforts around evolving storage technologies pays off for those folks by continuing to give them options for the solutions that best meet their needs.



  12. Daniel:

    Thanks–hope you can make it! 🙂


  13. Woho!!, I’ll try to be there for sure. I just hope I can manage to be there on time as the meeting hour is in the middle of my work shift.