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Interested in Visiting a State-of-the-Art Cisco Data Center Based on UCS and Nexus platforms ?

February 22, 2010 - 3 Comments

“Transparency” is definitely one of these words which describe very well  the Cisco culture. This is pretty obvious for a Cisco employee, but  I got many times positive feedbacks from customers on the willingness of the company to share with customers and partners, so that they  can benefit from the  experience of a large and innovative community. This is not different in the data center.
Some other companies on the market may have a different understanding of the communication around their data centers in maintaining a great secret about  strategy, architecture and operations, but at Cisco we strongly believe in the power of sharing knowledge.
I guess also that we are not afraid of the competition learning about our choices,  as we see ourselves as leaders and we do support actively and constantly standardization.

When at Cisco Live Barcelona at the end of January, I met Donald de Witte, Cisco IT Program Manager  and Rich Gore, Cisco IT Member of Technical Staff, who were present on the booth to talk to the visitors about the Richardson Data Center and the opportunity to visit immediately the facility.

As a  global and dynamic company, Cisco like most of the leading companies embarked on a consolidation and virtualization path several years ago, with a plan to move  from 50 data centers to 3 pairs of data centers. The Richardson Data Center is one of these brand new data centers, where Cisco IT has been able to take advantage of the new networking and computing solutions provided by Cisco engineers and partners, such as Unified Computing  and Unified Fabric.

So are you ready to meet the Cisco It team and visit the Richardson Data Center ?


In visiting the CiscoIT website , you have the opportunity to “meet” in the lobby  3 ambassadors ready  to provide you a ton of explanations on the Cisco Data centers.

Rebecca Jacoby , Cisco Senior vice-president and CIO,  who introduces a series of modules on Strategy and Planning, covering Business Alignment and Technology Initiatives  
Sean Worthington , Vice_President , IT Business services talks about Architecture and Technology, which covers IT Infrastructure and Virtualization  
Eric Davis, technical staff Cisco IT, discusses Operations and Facilities

 In addition of these three tracks , the website offers you the possibility of a visit step by step of the Richardson Data Center, based on an interactive tour with insights from the architects and from the facilities managers

 I strongly  suggest as well that you pay a visit to the Cisco IT blog and participate to the conversation in joining the Cisco IT twitter account –Like I said , we are not shy at Cisco , and the Cisco IT team will be more than happy to answer your questions  and to hear about your experience of visiting the Richardson Data Center .

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  1. hey , Thanks for the useful information. Look forward to more posts like this one . I'll spread the word around.

  2. Nice video, decent quality even at low resolution.

  3. Hey Didier,Thanks for the great message and sharing this on you blog.Any chance to correct our titles to Donald De Witte IT Program ManagerRich Gore - IT ManagerThanksDonald