Cisco expands and strengthens the Nexus ULL Network Solutions portfolio with two new products.


Innovative Cisco Nexus 3550-T Programmable Switch Platform

The Cisco Nexus® 3550-T is a new innovative application platform built on software-defined hardware designed to run FPGA network applications. The Nexus 3550-T initially operates as a very fast top-of-rack configurable 48-port low-latency Layer 3 switch built around a flexible programmable FPGA device.

The Nexus 3550-T has the performance characteristics of hardware combined with the agility and programmability of software. Customers can create and deploy new custom applications, features and upgrades using the Nexus FDK (Firmware Development Kit) to solve network application challenges across industry verticals and use cases.

Today, Cisco offers ULL Layer 3 Routing, ULL Layer 2 Switching and Security network applications for the Nexus 3550-T with planned releases for High Availability, WAN Extension, FastMux, Exchange Gateway, and many more applications to create new features and efficiencies to support ultra-low latency and performance-based architectures.

Next generation Cisco Nexus X100 SmartNIC

The Cisco Nexus X100 SmartNIC is our latest high-density, ultra-low latency intelligent network interface card specifically designed for today’s enterprise environments that need programmable network devices to support new custom application innovation.

The Nexus X100 SmartNIC runs on the latest generation Xilinx UltraScale+ FPGA devices that support deep programmability and customization options using the Nexus FDK. Customers can build and deploy new custom network applications to support their specific use cases that demand higher bandwidths and lower latency than traditional network adapters can support.

Features 2x QSFP28 ports that can be deployed in a high-density 8-channel configuration and software trigger-to-response latencies as low as 596ns making it one of the fastest high-density network adapters on the market today.

Long-term value with Cisco Nexus ULL

The Cisco Nexus ULL Network Solutions are a complete end-to-end solution that is designed and built as a flexible programmable platform to solve network application challenges across industry verticals and use cases. As the demands of the enterprise environment involve and change, Cisco Nexus ULL can be re-programmed to support new innovations, capabilities, speeds, and updates while reducing capital expenditures on lengthy and difficult infrastructure upgrades. Click here to learn more.

Unlock the full value of your ULL network solutions

The Cisco Nexus next-generation ultra-low latency network switch platform, smart network interface cards, firmware development kits, services and support are specifically designed and built to address the needs of latency-sensitive applications in data center networking, high-frequency trading (HFT), financial services, and service provider networks.

  • Nexus 3550 Series Switches: Ultra-low latency network switch platform, multiplexing functions, precision timestamping, with programmability to facilitate your mission-critical network applications.
  • Nexus SmartNIC adapters: Programmable Nexus SmartNIC (smart network interface cards) are next-generation FPGA-based ultra-low latency and high-resolution timestamping adapters to program your network and accelerate application offloads.
  • Nexus FDK (firmware development kits): Provides a powerful software development framework to add application specific intelligence and functionality to FPGA-based Nexus 3550 network switches and SmartNICs



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Todd Pritchett

Senior Product Marketing Manager

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