Informatica Data Integration and Cisco Tidal Enterprise Scheduler: Delivering Timely, Trusted, and Relevant Data for Business Intelligence Reporting

November 29, 2010 - 0 Comments

No doubt data is one of an organization’s most important assets. The trick is to turn it into timely and trusted information—information that can be used to rapidly uncover new markets, attract and retain customers, reduce operating costs, shrink time to market, and make smarter strategic decisions. In short, leveraging data can sharpen a company’s ability to navigate markets.

So when we combine Informatica’s world-class data integration platform with Cisco® Tidal Enterprise Scheduler, we are enabling organizations to gain a competitive advantage in today’s global information economy by empowering them with relevant and trustworthy information to support all their business decisions.

You might wonder how this partnership delivers superior data output. The data that fuels a company’s business intelligence (BI) systems comes from a variety of internal and external sources. Informatica’s data integration solution is designed to transform this data into information that is accurate and actionable by applying processes such as extraction, cleaning, transformation, integration, and loading into data warehouses. But how do users manage each of these of steps, with their multitude of connections, interdependencies, and sources that include dozens of applications and databases? This is the role of Enterprise Scheduler. It manages the complex flow of enterprise data into the Informatica system and ultimately delivers it to the appropriate BI reporting tools. In the hands of business leaders, this trusted information fuels enterprise success.

Ever heard of the saying “what can go wrong will go wrong”? The challenges faced by IT operational staff in maintaining high quality business intelligence information are insurmountable without the right tools for the job. Complex data pathways and their associated moving parts can break, dependencies cannot be met, systems go offline and, without visibility into each of these processes, reports will be incorrect, or late, or both. So this is where Enterprise Scheduler and Informatica work together to deliver mission-critical data to the right place at the right time for all Informatica extract, transform, load (ETL) pathways.

Need to manage complex ETL processes in the enterprise? The information provided by a business intelligence system is only as good as the data that goes into it. Out-of-date and inaccurate data delivers unreliable intelligence, go figure. Many problems result when the ETL process is handled by a patchwork of scripting and custom coding that feeds inaccurate data to the Informatica engine. Because there is no way to monitor and control end-to-end execution of the process, there is no way to guarantee the accuracy of the data. Enterprise Scheduler creates an automated data workflow for Informatica PowerCenter (webinar) environments as part of a cross-platform, cross-application process orchestration solution.

And you also might wonder how Cisco Tidal manages Informatica workflows.Well, Enterprise Scheduler integrates with the Informatica PowerCenter server using vendor-approved application program interfaces (APIs). Through these interfaces, the scheduler communicates with Informatica PowerCenter to define, run, and monitor workflows. IT staff can schedule, monitor, and manage PowerCenter workflows from the Enterprise Scheduler console through rich scheduling features that include granular calendaring, events management, and access to enterprise-wide dependencies.

Ok, so I’m going to stop boring you with all the tech talk and just cut to the chase.  Enterprises can immediately realize these benefits when leveraging Informatica data integration using the Cisco Tidal end-to-end job scheduling solution:

  • Dramatically raise the reliability and quality of business intelligence reports
  • Improve IT’s use of time and resources, enabling operations teams to deliver better service
  • Make strategic business decisions that are based on reliable, timely data

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