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If not us, who? If not now, when?

- January 20, 2009 - 1 Comment

As Padmasree stated in her blog post on Unified Computing, “Yes.”We are in the middle of a series of disruptions, both technological and economic. On the technology front there is an increasing shift to using virtualization technologies to extend the life cycle of data centers, servers, and storage. By improving utilization faster than growth-rates assets last longer, the business can run more efficiently. At its core virtualization is about a shift from hardware definitions of system architectures to software definitions; a move from physical servers to virtual machines, a journey from the Lego-brick home-built architectures of today to the Unified Computing architectures of tomorrow This creates a disruption, and an opportunity. An opportunity to build systems architectures that embrace virtualization, that accelerate virtualization, that integrate virtualization.The current economic cycle we are in carries its own set of disruptions. IT departments are increasingly looking inward: striving to automate their own processes, achieve operational cost reductions, and return lower costs and improved productivity to the lines of business. Downturn economic cycles carry their own opportunities though – this is the optimum time to invest in change, breakaway from the competition, and implement a scalable IT systems architecture that accelerates virtualization, itself one of the biggest tools for IT operational efficiencies.One concern that every journalist, blogger, investor has brought up- “What about the nature of this business?” Every time I look at a technology market that people feel is ‘commoditized’ that market has a consistent characteristic with other ‘commoditized’ markets: a lack of innovation that creates customer value.If you create products, systems, and architectures that innovate and create customer value, in turn you will always deliver shareholder value. One thing I am certain of- Unified Computing will deliver customer value, and will be quite innovative.

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