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I need a better name- seriously!

February 9, 2009 - 28 Comments

What’s in a name? Who judges a book by its cover? Ok, I do. I often buy based on the cover, not the content because I don’t know the content til I read the book. So the cover helps a bit.“Data Center Networking” is a wonderfully descriptive and accurate name for this blog. But let’s face it – it’s a tad droll. Is there a better name? It certainly needs to encompass the fact that we are mainly discussing Data Centers, Virtualization, and Cloud Computing on this blog. Yes, it’s a bit techier than some of our other ones, I can’t nor do I want to help that – but I am not naming it in hex or binary (Sorry Dino!) Certainly we love networks, so some linkage or homage to that strong legacy would be nice. Any thoughts? If someone comes up with a good one and we use it I’ll think of something nice to do for them! (where did I hide those last few Data Center fleeces…)dg

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  1. I would keep the name as simple and short as possible.!

  2. the bits went data-way! – That’s pretty funny Wout! My vote goes to Cloud Connection though because I like the imagery and it is technically more accurate.

  3. OK, so I kinda like The Cool Aisle””, although Cloud Connection is probably more accurate.”

  4. Keeping along the airplane lines, how about Vr?My vote is for Data Center Alchemy”” Rejected Candidates:- 99 Problems but Capacity Ain’t One- Wasted Away Again in Datacenterville- Get Off of My Cloud”

  5. Works well given many Cisco members near daily postings and hints to readers to come back each day.

  6. I think Doug’s idea on Feb 9, 2009 is great….–START–Ok, being a plane buff how about: Subtitle:Balancing Virtualization, Cloud, and Data Centers –END–

  7. I would keep the name but add a byline, he bits went data-way!

    Network Management is truly the most customizable of all the networking disciplines. However, it is installed and config’ed very off the shelf in many networks. NMS means something different to all of us right? It should be different for every network. I know that I have turned against canned vendor solutions for many years and just chose to manage my networks with scripts and custom wrote apps. But scalability is the issue here. Plus the more functionality/higher up the OSI stack we integrate into hardware, the more I need to use vendor management software…darn it…Let’s just face it, network management sucks worst then attending a in-laws family reunion sober. But how we lower the suck factor depends upon the flexibility of the solution. This is why I believe some of the best network management is going to come from the vendor of the product.

    The REAL trick to me that makes one vendor product better then the other is how tight the network management code jockeys work with the network device developers. Sure we all know the FCAPS framework and Walking MIBs, but how do I correlate a MIB, With RMON, With Flow data, With SMON and get a full picture of all 7 layers of a network. The R&D investment for a company other then a vendor to invest here is cost prohibitive for most.

    Many vendors try and cut that cost with outsourcing. For example, one NMS product has a RADIUS port listed as 1,812. I do not want to name names here and PROfessionally put a CURVE on my post, but that is a clear indication of outsourced code development and therefore a detached development cycle between NMS and hardware. The result, a disjointed NMS that really only adds a java graphics package to odd school NMS. Big deal man!! If that is the case, go with Open Source and load up the private MIBs and save your money. A vendor should always have a MAJOR value add in their NMS. It should be so glaringly obvious that you should spot it in 15 minutes or less and it should change the way your workflow processes. That is what I look for in a NMS for my networks today.

  8. Ok- two I heard that I like a lot:Cloud ConnectionandThe Cool AisleThoughts?

  9. How about:View from the Clouds””While parts of Cisco are thinking “”Inside the Box”” this shows a lofty perspective from which to discuss such important topics and next generation ideas.”

  10. Data Center Networks is a good default name and a high bar to cross :)Two (independent) questions to ask when considering this name change:- What would replace Networks?- What modifier should replace “”data center””?To me, the first one is obvious. Cisco is a networking giant and its own punch-line is the “”Human Network””. Replacement options for networks – fabric, interconnects, communication, … – are not as punchy :)Next is the modifier – data center – which a positional modifier, but a good one since data center is the happening place for IT innovations.What other modifiers give an innovative, visionary feeling? Few options:1. Unified Networks: data/voice/video is already in the bag; now it is data/storage/HPC. The modifier is in line with “”Unified Computing””2. Unified Services Networks: to emphasize that networks have been and will always be platforms for services, both for transport (L2-L4) and compute/applications (L4-L7)3. Next-generation Networks: taken :)4. Cloud Networking: Need I say more…5. Computing Networks/Unified Computing Networks: High-lights convergence of computing/virtualiztion & networks, and in-line with the widely used Cloud Computing category.. but possible hang-over from “”Network is the computer””… (which is actually right on the money)6. Adaptive Networks: taken :)Avoid “”self”” modifiers: self-organizing, self-aware, self-correcting, self-thinking, self-…PG.”

  11. Some suggestions:Cloud SourceCumulus Center or Cumulus Data CenterCloud Control Cloud DataCloudNet or CloudNet VirtualSridhar

  12. I second Racks, Stacks and Cables!

  13. Real simple — Data Center Today””. Works well given many Cisco members’ near daily postings…and hints to readers to come back each day.”

  14. Racks, Stacks and Cables

  15. s /droll/dull/ surely? Droll sounds to me like what you’re looking for amusing in an odd way; whimsically humorous; waggish””.Head In The CloudMostly Cloudy With Patches Of Sun

  16. Here are a few off the top of my head:Cisco, DC – The Capitol of CloudData Center Digital DigestDaily Dose of DC

  17. Tom Keenan suggestsSyzygy mostly because I cannot spell or pronounce it, but also because actually means something about alignment between all the planets, forces, etc…. this is a good one!

  18. hmm…network dynamismsmart pipes not your daddy’s ethernetworks in motion

  19. Ok, being a plane buff how about:Max-Q””Subtitle: “”Balancing Virtualization, Cloud, and Data Centers””Max Q is a key milestone during a spacecraft launch, because that is the point at which the airframe undergoes the most mechanical stress, but is also the point of balance between all forces.”

  20. ‘Networking – Real and Virtual …’ Do you want to be more or less specific/comprehensive ? Anne

  21. how about virtual times? or virtual journal?

  22. Clouds & glass walls”””^0^1^^^0^0
    12641^6924^Roland Dobbins^^^^2009-02-09 15:12:19^2009-02-09 15:12:19^Just call it ‘Unification’, like the ST: TNG episode.Also, note that the trend is *awa* from raised-floor designs.;>^0^1^^^0^0
    12698^6785^Enrique Cimadevila^^^^2009-02-12 06:29:19^2009-02-12 06:29:19^Padmasree, I fully agree with you: recently we provide a remote Call Center solution for a carrier providing such a service to several enterprises, within 1/10 of a rack and 500 watts consumption. Far away from these impressive figures, for me the most remarkable fact is that the installation required a couple of days of one technician, and now O&M is done only by one, both with general knowledge of voice, data & services, instead a bunch of gurus configuring and operating these 100 servers (physical or virtualized). Such an expensive manpower could be reduced even more than physical and consumption issues. The key point: a unified management system, with all services and functions preinstalled and logically interconnected, even with enriched performances. And do not forget that these huge figures reduction will attract the always dreamed market, the sleeping giant of SMEs.Also Unified Computing could be the perfect element for micro-site/datacenter cloud computing, a highly distributed-low cost solution, valid from service providers to corporate branches. Will we see the eclosion of mini carriers and providers, with IT as a commodity and offering IT-as-a-Service?I invite everybody to Unified Computing Group in LinkedIn for funny ideas about IT x.x^0^1^^^0^0
    12651^6927^Ryan Gossen^^^^2009-02-10 00:50:34^2009-02-10 00:50:34^New categories get introduced as playthings or fads, and only find true utility when they are well established. If I were to characterize this with a Miles Davis album, it would be Birth of The Cool.^0^1^^^0^0
    12650^6924^Kelly Wanser^^^^2009-02-09 21:25:27^2009-02-09 21:25:27^Strong entries here, but taking a shot at that custom Cisco coffee table…'(The) Speed of Cloud’Self-rejected:Pimp my CloudProject PathwayVirtual Idol^0^1^^^0^0
    12646^6924^Rodos^^^^2009-02-09 15:12:12^2009-02-09 15:12:12^Here are some. My favorite is at the END.Fabric FuturesFuture FabricsDestination NextPlan NextNext SketchPropose NextStep NextNext IndendersPonder NextNext StrategyStrategy Next Network ThinkDC ThinkDC Think NextThinking NetworkBeyond NetworkBeyond Network ThinkingThinking Beyond NetworkWorking the networkWorking Network BlogNetwork IlluminationDC IlluminationDC FilterData Center ShadesShades in the DCDC PathsDC PathwaysDC NavigationNaviNet – Navigating the DC network pathwaysFeeding the DCFood for DC thoughtAisles and PassagesRows and Aisles^0^1^^^0^0
    12647^6924^Rodos^^^^2009-02-09 15:12:07^2009-02-09 15:12:07^Oh, some more variants, which I actually like.Network RowsNetwork AislesTop of RackAbove the RowNetwork Floorprint^0^1^^^0^0
    12648^6873^colabus^^^^2009-02-09 18:05:11^2009-02-09 18:05:11^Haha! Very classy.^0^1^^^0^0
    12649^6903^Erin OCallaghan^^^^2009-02-09 18:05:11^2009-02-09 18:05:11^Would love to follow other fellow Cisco Twitters :)^0^1^^^0^0
    12652^6785^Santanu^^^^2009-02-10 00:50:34^2009-02-10 00:50:34^”Ms. Padmasree Warrior wrote Cisco believes that the network can be a focal point for innovation, helping us enter new and adjacent markets if and when there is the right combination of value proposition and receptive audience.”” Ms. Warrior also said “”One point I will reiterate is that we see the need for open and consistent standards at many different layers in our developments—from management to protocols to data link definitions to physical layer and power/cooling standards. There is always a balance between innovation and standards, but I feel that in some areas, like Unified Computing, we can can achieve both.””Personally, for whatever it is worth, i cannot agree more with Ms. Warrior. I am a Cisco fan, having worked extensively with Cisco’s technology for the last 9 odd years. I have reached a point where almost anything Cisco does or touches, I believe they will get the gold. A dissappointment in recent years has been their WAN acceleration areas and persistent CPU issues on their 76xx series. But those are small fractions of Cisco’s core market focus. However, if they do go for stuff like data centre virtualisation and unified computing, then they will probably feel compelled to sort out the WAFS area out as well. May not be easy for Cisco to achieve all of the above with a well advertised hiring freeze on. Could be a delicate balancing issue. Good part on Cisco’s side is they probably have more time than “”usual”” due to less demand because of spending cuts at most of their customers.I also believe that healthy competition in technical innovation is good for customers and future of technology. I also do not see any viable reason why people and some competitors of Cisco should receive this move of their’s as aggressively as some of them seem to have.I tend to agree with all of our colleagues who believe that stuff like combination of propreitory and open source technologies, Cloud computing and network based computing can and will be part of a futuristic technological innovative process. Besides keeping in mind the issues of freedom and versatility that these tend to offer, the technical implementation, from a user’s point of view, so far, has been reasonably simple. An article from IBM about Amazon’s cloud computing services ( ) touches on the same. What has been tedious for amateur technical enthusiasts like myself is the restrictions put on by propreitory licensing. I for exmaple, have tried for awhile to break into applied Quantum Cryptography across networks as I do believe that sooner or later the breakthrough has to come in Quantum Communications and the almost infinite possibilities that show up with it. The part where it may face a hitch is whether the reknowned vendors or Internet communication equipment makers (with the big money…) feel compelled to invest enough behind R&D of the same. The current limitation is the tarnsformation of the theory into efficient practice. However, implmentation of even a simple key exchange script has been challenging simply because I use Cisco and either my scripts don’t work or Cisco’s IOS coding is not compatible with mine. There is no way for me to know as I have no access to their IOS codes. Hence I feel trumped. The point being such restrictions put people without access to extensive R&D facilities at a loss. Of course since that is not a big loss for technology and business, it is unimportant.Besides further development (as referred to by others) related to VoIP, VoD, IPv6 etc., I strongly believe that a far more secure internet is necessary. Currently, the financial world is already active in migrating to dedicated fibres due to security risk (SWIFT network). What we very definitely need in future is (almost) unbreakable security and total privacy. I believe what the Big vendors ought to seriously invest into and develop is the applied part of quantum information theory and cryptography alongwith the related disciplines of steganography and cryptosystems as applied towards discreet communication. In quantum computing, the laws of physics protect the information using the properties of quantum me- chanics. Open-air quantum key distribution with single photon source (SPS) has been demonstrated in experimental conditions. In fututre we need to investigate the concept of development of Internet technologies based on the quantum principles of cryptography, secret sharing etc.In particular, the possibility of quantum optics giving birth to a new generation of communication protocols over internet has to be seriously looked into and researched. Cheerssantanu”

  23. darn- Raised Floor already is out there…. and its a good one…

  24. hmmm…. keep trying James! ‘Packets, Frames, and Bytes, Oh My!’

  25. OK, a little goofy, but how about:The Net Ether

  26. Too bad Byte and Switch is taken, butI’m sure there’s still a busload of good puns an old HiPPI like you could RAID.

  27. a quick shout-out to @mcsilvia on Twitter for catching my typos. Appreciated.