The most rewarding aspect of my job is spending time with our customers. Recently, I visited a large enterprise and spent time with their CIO, and the Infrastructure Leads who deployed HyperFlex across their data centers. They are one of 2000+ customers who love what Cisco has done with hyperconvergence, and their number one request was for us to keep bringing the horsepower and data management features they require to migrate even more of their mission critical applications onto HyperFlex. The 3.0 release of HyperFlex brings these features in spades….and as you’ll see below, we’re shooting even higher.

Our IT customers face a formidable challenge – delivering a seamless experience to developers and application owners who demand the best of both worlds between on-prem and public cloud. The multicloud era is a hard reality for IT, and this is where our HyperFlex customers stand to gain the most from the work Cisco has undertaken. We like to say that the finest cloud computing starts at home. So, as we integrate HyperFlex with Cisco’s Multicloud Portfolio, we’re moving well beyond hyperconvergence to create the most comprehensive multicloud platform  in the industry. Our aim is nothing less than to help our customers power any app, on any cloud, at any scale.

I’d like to congratulate our engineering team, including the filesystem pioneers from Springpath, on the very impressive payload  of new features in this 3.0 release:

HyperFlex New FeaturesAnd, let’s look at how all of this comes together in ways that matter to our customers.

Any App, Any Cloud, Any Scale

Run Any Application: The HX 3.0 software release delivers key advancements in mission critical and cloud-native workload support.

  • Multiple hypervisors – HyperFlex now supporting VMware ESXi and Microsoft Hyper-V
  • Containers Support– The new HyperFlex FlexVolume driver enables persistent volumes to Kubernetes managed containers
  • Enterprise Application Validations – Deploy a wide range of workloads on HyperFlex with Validated Designs and solutions guides including for Oracle, SAP, Microsoft, and Splunk

On Any Cloud: HyperFlex includes powerful new service integrations.

  • Application Performance MonitoringAppDynamics enables performance monitoring of hybrid applications running application tiers on HyperFlex and across clouds
  • Application PlacementCisco Workload Optimization Manager (CWOM) analyzes workloads to assists with workload placement on HyperFlex
  • Cloud MobilityCloudCenter enables workload mobility between HyperFlex and public and private clouds, including private cloud self-service IaaS capabilities

At Any Scale: From core to the edge to public cloud.

  • Greater scalability and resiliency – HyperFlex provides higher VM density and 64 node cluster scales with added resiliency in the automated availability zones.
  • Stretch clusters – HyperFlex cluster configurations for availability.
  • Cloud-based DeploymentCisco Intersight for HyperFlex Cloud Deployment for edge and remote environments

HyperFlex Multcloud Platform

Taken together, these latest innovations create a full-featured Platform for Multicloud. It’s our mission to deliver a simplified approach that reduces infrastructure complexity, helps our customers accelerate modern applications, and move confidently into the multicloud era.

To learn more, and for a live look at HX 3.0, please join me and the team for a special TechWise TV episode airing on February 28th. Register today!

#CLEUR: Finally, if you’re attending Cisco Live Barcelona, learn more  about the HyperFlex Platform for Mulitlcoud during the show.


HyperFlex your day,





Kaustubh Das

SVP and General Manager

Cloud & Compute