How the Nexus 1000v Changes Admin Roles

September 26, 2008 - 0 Comments

Just read a nice write-up here on how the Nexus 1000v will change, or won’t change, administrative job roles in a virtualized environment. Kudos to David Davis on a nice blog post, need to see if I have any Nexus 1000v T-shirts or schwag mae yet… maybe a shirt that says, “Dude’ Where’s Your Switch!” “Where’s your switch dude?” and another guy looking at the server saying, “It’s in there!” I dunno, any better ideas?One minor correction for David, we embedded NX-OS into the ESX Hypervisor- so we have NX-OS on the Nexus 7000, Nexus 5000, and MDS 9500, 92xx, 91xx SAN switches, and now embedded into the ESX Hypervisor with the Nexus 1000v. Probably makes NX-OS one of the most diversely implemented Internetwork Operating Systems ever, and the only Internetwork Operating System that connects LAN, SAN, L3, IPv6, and Virtual Machines. Kinda cool…From an admin role change perspective one design point we had was to meet-in-the-middle. Let the network admin define a series of policies, via port profiles. Then let the server admin choose which policy applied to which workload. Then ensure that policy was mobile and consistent as a VM moves from one physical server to another across racks, across rows, and even across data centers. This would let each admin continue to do what they do today, just do it more effectively with consistent management tools and infrastructure.dg

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