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How Important is Green?

October 17, 2007 - 0 Comments

Let me put the anti-flame disclaimer up immediately- Power and cooling efficiency is massively important! It is a top-of-mind consideration for every major IT vendor right now as well as investors in above-said IT companies as well. When I ask ‘How Important?’ though I mean in relative perspective. If I were to define ‘Top Tier Considerations for IT Asset Acquisition’ I would list some of the following – in no way intended to be exhaustive but if there are others to add please respond.Does the product/solution work?Is it stable?Can I manage it with my tools?Can my organization operate it?Does it have business value, is there a benefit for implementing it?Will it last as long as its depreciation schedule? Longer?Let’s call these top-tier purchasing criteria. Second tier would be things like-How much does it cost?How power efficient is it?What is the customer service like?The reason I put these as a second tier are because it doesn’t matter if the device in question is much less expensive if it doesn’t work, doesn’t last as long, causes more problems with stability than it solves with function, etc…. similarly a device that uses 1000kw/h less than its competitor but doesn’t last as long, have the same capabilities to solve your business problems, or is unmanageable by your staff isn’t worth the efficiency gain.But I may be wrong. 🙂 Will power/cooling efficiency become a top-tier criteria? dg

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