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How To Turn Up A UCS Over Your Lunch Break…and Still Have Time For Lunch

March 9, 2011 - 4 Comments

Their Version of "Integrated"

So, innovation comes in many forms. You hear me use this space to talk about all sorts of cool new products and technologies, but, sometimes, innovation manifests itself in other ways. One of the points we have always maintained about the Cisco UCS is that it was a clean-sheet design, driven by fresh thinking on what the convergence of network and compute infrastructure should look like. One result of this is that, with UCS, we have a completely new approach to management and operations–almost shocking in its simplicity. While I could wax rhapsodic about this for the next few hundred words, I thought its a story better told by others.

The first story came to me via Michael Heil, aka HeathITGuy. Michael has written numerous times about his positive experiences with the Cisco UCS. Recently, he related the story of adding a chassis to his existing system. Now, bear in mind, I had heard stories that doing this with some of the other “integrated systems” out there actually involves a professional services engagement. In Michael’s case, he gave the job to Jason, someone who joined his team all of a month ago. Michael helped Jason rack the new chassis, but beyond that, Jason was able to do the rest of the turn-up by himself–took all of 27 minutes.

Lest you think that’s a fluke, check out this video by Tjerk Bijlsma and his buddies in Amsterdam:

To understand why UCS is so much easier to manage then the legacy options out there, check out this post by M Sean McGee. To hear some more about Michael’s experiences with UCS, check out this webcast.

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  1. Jerry, Simon —

    Thanks for the comments.



  2. We were planning to buy HP DL series for our own network to virtualise. Which ordinarily is the ‘standard’ for most server requirements. As a Cisco partner I’ve now had a proper re-think. UCS it is !

  3. We just installed our first UCS pair and everything went smooth once we got through he firmware issue. If we hadn’t spent so much time talking and taking pictures like proud parents it would have gone incredibly fast. Tomorrow we start migrating our ESX environments over and will be even more proud then. Cisco UCS, Consolidated Infrastructure, Private Clouds

  4. Really enjoyed the video, can’t wait to get my hands on UCS.