How to backup your Cisco Application Networking Manager (ANM)

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Here are some steps to help with backing up ANM. This is useful for migrations, upgrades or restores.

Backing up ANM

Step 1

Enter Configuration mode and create a repository.

The repository name can be any unique name consisting of up to 30 alphanumeric characters.

Step 2

Once created you will be dropped to the config-repository. From here you need to create a URL. The URL is the location for the backup to be copied. There are many protocol choices.

cdrom, disk ,ftp, http, https, nfs, sftp, tftp

 In our example we used nfs

Step 3

Create the user for url access. Keep in mind you need to specify hash or plain.

You can do a show run to check the repository configuration.

Once you have completed the repository setup you can create a backup of you ANM. You have a couple of options for backup types. You can back up the entire virtual appliance, network configuration included or you can just backup the application data which basically includes the inventory.

Backup difference, backup entire appliance (for migration/update)

Application data – keep existing copy over inventory and application data

Well, now that we have it backed up. Let’s take a look at a restore. If you are importing a new virtual appliance you will need to get a new license file if the MAC address is different. 

Step 4

Here are the steps to import your new file. Copy the new .lic file to a tftp server. Login in to you new ANM. Then run the tftp copy command to copy the file to your new ANM appliance.

Step 5

Then install the new file.

This is the same process as you would use for a new ANM implementation.

Once the license is installed you can copy you configuration back into the new ANM appliance.

Step 6

To restore the backup, enter configuration mode and create a repository. Then create the URL at the config-Repository level. FYI (This is where you are be default when the repository is created)

Step 7

After this step you can restore the backup on the ANM appliance.

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