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‘Green’ Business, not just DC

July 9, 2008 - 1 Comment

Sitting here in Data Center land I often write about how we can drive energy efficiency in the data center, of course. But there was a nice article on TechSoup today showcasing some of the comments our VP of Green Engineering, Paul Marcoux, made about the potential benefits of collaboration technologies and Unified Communications in driving a tremendous reduction in carbon emissions, potentially greater than that of your data centers alone. Employee commutes, both from the home to the office and then from office to office, and then the ever present flight out to meet customers and ‘hit the field/road'” creates a tremendous cost center and carbon footprint. Some costs the business has to bear, others the employee does. I am not going to be so bold as to advocate permanent telecommuting for all work-types as there have been some efforts in creating work-spaces that are shared by multiple businesses, located along mass transit lines, and that then use collaboration technologies like TelePresence to link them back to the main HQ or Campus locations in the area. The participating companies in many cases then subsidize the mass transit fares for the employee base as well.Collaboration technologies benefit from Virtualization technologies in the Data Center to allow for more efficient implementation of the technology, lowering the cost of deployment and operations of these ever more critical technologies.

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  1. Douglas,Thanks for this great post. I think our sense at TechSoup is that there’s still very little information filtering out about the enormous positive environmental impact potential in the emerging field of telecommuting, smart transit systems, and localized work spaces like the new satelite work centers under development in the suburbs of Amsterdam. We’re grateful to pioneers like Paul Marcoux and the Cisco teams who are actively promoting and developing these paradigm changing technologies. One of our missions at is to intermediate between the environmental work being done in industry and that being done in the nonprofit/NGO sector and the growing movement of social justice/environmentalism activity that Paul Hawken profiles in his book Blessed Unrest””.-jim”