Good Help is Essential

May 3, 2012 - 0 Comments

We’ve all heard the phase that Good Help is hard to find.  I would add that good help is in fact essential—especially for succeeding at complex undertakings like Cloud.   In this short VoD from Cisco, Bob Dimicco offers several clear, concise examples of a few of the major issues facing companies moving to Cloud, and how good help is essential in navigating a path to success.

The issue of “shadow IT” that Bob highlights is one I hear on a regular basis.  IT by nature is a bit cautious.  With good reason; after all history is littered with examples of IT projects that failed to deliver promised results, or just outright failed.  This need to exercise caution can at times seemingly put IT at odds with the desires of lines of business.  If left unchecked small communication disparities about goals and timing can become major problems causing departments to feel that IT is not hearing them.  The result? The business unit does “their own thing”; aka shadow IT.

These rogue efforts often start with a glimmer of success, but more times than not they end up on the door steps of IT entangled in a web of thorny issues like security violations, lack of integration, rising costs and unpredictable results.  Now if this is where you find yourself, it’s reassuring to know that all’s not lost. With proper help your organization can map a path to a brighter future where the needs and concerns of both the business units and IT are served harmoniously.  However, another alternative is to prevent the problem altogether.  With all the promise being heaped upon cloud it is no wonder we and our colleagues and peer are investigating and ‘sampling the wares’ so to speak.  This is great news for IT as it offers the opportunity to get ahead of the potential problem and become a driving force for change that also makes it easier to set and enforce IT standards compliance.  Instead of holding off, embrace and guide the transformation from traditional IT to a more agile, cost effective, user friendly cloud model.    A great way to start this journey is to call the same people who you would engage to help you fix a ‘run away’ IT problem. This is where Cisco’s Advanced Services and our Cloud Enablement Services can be just the help you needed.

Watch the video and let me know what you think.

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