Pressure to transform is coming from every direction:  customers, competitors, heads of departments and the C-suite.  Convert high cost manual services to lower cost automated ones.  Create development environments or place applications into multiple clouds.  Change the way employees and customers interact with technology by offering on-demand consumption.

Your company lives or dies by the applications you provide to customers and employees.  Their expectations on how they access these applications have changed. Access without delay or interruption 24 hours a day is the new normal.  If they can’t get want they want, they go elsewhere.

Transforming your business involves a shift from an IT-centric focus to a customer-centric focus.  This shift requires automation across all layers of your organization. Deliver technology in hands off manner.  Add orchestration to combine automated tasks into the right sequence that delivers services accurately the first time – every time. The result:  your business can move with greater speed and agility.

Go Fast with Cisco ONE Enterprise Cloud Suite.  This solution delivers a multi-cloud capability that allows you to keep pace with a 24×7 world.

Cisco ONE Enterprise Cloud Suite increases IT efficiency, allows you to deliver services 24 hours a day and reduce time to market of applications.  It delivers the technology and processes your data center staff needs to say “yes” to any service request – regardless of location.

This solution is composed of four offers which can be used individually or together to create a cohesive approach to automated service delivery. Your business experiences ROI faster.  Adopts automation at a pace comfortable to them.  Your business encounters the outcomes and value of hybrid cloud.

  • Increase IT efficiency by 35% by automating your data center
  • Increase user satisfaction up to 12% through on-demand ordering of IT and business services
  • Achieve time savings of up to 60% by eliminating the need to write, update and maintain custom application scripts
  • Deploy and manage Hadoop clusters, associated network and compute resources from a centralized management interface

Organizations are faced with rapid and far-reaching changes as a result of digital transformation.  Move to the head of the pack with Cisco.  Get the full story or watch this video.  See how your business can move faster with Cisco ONE Enterprise Cloud Suite.