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GbE or GE, that is the question…

- January 27, 2009 - 13 Comments

Ok, quick opinion poll here… Feel free to comment of course…So Omar Sultan, our most prolific Data Center Blogger, just wrote an article using the acronym GE for ‘Gigabit Ethernet’. I decided to comment back and question his use of acronyms. (I grew up associating GE with a venerable company ‘General Electric’ and was once chastised to use ‘GbE’ for Gigabit Ethernet.) Craig Huitema, who has the unenviable job of trying to manage Omar, thought he would try to win points with this challegning employee by sticking up for him called me out on being pedantic about GE versus GbE. I started writing this. Omar and Craig are trying to distract me by playing Aerosmith songs that Omar and I only know how to play on Rock Band and Guitar Hero, and finally I get to the actual polling question….1) Does anyone care whether we use GbE or GE?2) Should it be GbE or GE?3) Should we just play Rock Band instead4) Or should we start debating Rock Band vs Guitar Hero?dg

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  1. Hi guys, I'am in need the details about the cloud networking.

  2. I would say neither. Its GigE :-)

  3. I have a 1985 Fender Strat at home... wonder if that will work with Rockband....

  4. I vote for GbE, Rockband had drums from the start and the RB-2 drums are way better than the new GH one. Of course, whichever one can nail the interactive online play (i.e. distance jamming) will be huge.Maybe Cisco should be working on an attachment for TelePresence - call it Telecaster :-)

  5. No mas, no mas!GE is forever struck from my vocabulary--GbE is the term of choice,

  6. GbE. Stays consistent with throughput descriptions like Gbps -- instead of E"" for Ethernet, it's ""ps"" for per second, and ""Gb"" stays same for the speed.Gotta love consistency..."

  7. Just stay away from ""Gigli""...James"

  8. Check Wikipedia- GigE"" or ""GbE""GE is a company and as Tom indicates many other things..."

  9. Gotta be GbE ... /TJ

  10. I believe the standard usage is 'GigE'.

  11. What an interesting question :-)One could argue that we like to sell bandwidth, and as 'GbE' is 8 bits more then 'GE' we should from now on only use 'GbE'.But I like practical - and GE is easier to type then GbE, especially on all these new cool iPhone's and Blackberrys.Rock Band (RB) and Guitar Hero (GH) are of course much cooler. By the way, I connected my PS3 using GE (to stay on topic).In the end - I really don't care as long as GE (the company) doesn't start to make ethernet switches because. Wouldn't that create a nice Marketing challenge for you Doug :-)TJ

  12. OK, first I didn't say Doug was pedantic. I don't use words that are characterized by a narrow, often ostentatious concern for book learning and formal rules in such a fashion. Second, re. Omar - the challenge is not in managing this employee, but for both Omar and I in managing our fearless leader and his rants...I mean, clearly Guitar Hero rules!

  13. So a quick inquiry to the Free Dictionary indicates the Question is *not* a trivial one, as GE"" also can refer toGE Georgia (country code, top level domain) GE Genesis GE Geneva (canton postcode, Switzerland) GE Genova (Genoa, Liguria, Italy) GE Google Earth GE General Education (college requirement) GE Good Enough GE Genetically Engineered GE Genoa (postcode, Italy) GE Gigabit Ethernet GE General Election GE Gastroenterology GE Germanium (to shorten a much larger list..)gotta love the Gastroenterology reference. GbE stands alone however(note only 1 reference with the second letter being non- capitalized)GbE Gigabit Ethernet (IEEE 802.3z-1998) GBE Gesundheitsberichterstattung des Bundes (German: Federal Health Monitoring System) GBE Government Business Enterprise (Australia) GBE Goldstone-boson-exchange GBE Grand Cross of the British Empire (Knight or Dame) GBE Gaborone, Botswana - Gaborone (Airport Code) GBE Ground Based Element (Army National Missile Defense) GBE Global Betting Exchange (online sports betting exchange, Dublin, Ireland so my vote for pure clarity would be for GbE.Rock Band and Guitar Hero is perhaps a different discussion, on doubt almost as complex.."