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“FlexPod for VMware” Partner Success Stories, new CVDs and more…

- March 16, 2011 - 7 Comments

There has been huge customer and partner interest in FlexPod for VMware since its launch in November 2010. The key FlexPod values that are resonating well with the customers are:

  • Flexible ITaaS platform built from simple, unified compute, fabric, and storage infrastructure
  • Simplified purchase and flexible scale out model accelerates journey to private and hybrid cloud
  • Cisco CVD based architectures and channel partner enabled deployment services for both the base FlexPod infrastructure and layered Tier-1 enterprise applications (Microsoft, SAP, VDI, etc.).
  • Centralized management enabling streamlined operations
  • Open management framework allowing simplified integration with 3rd party orchestration tools
  • Streamlined response to identify and quickly solve potential issues, enabled by cooperative 24/7 support model

I want to highlight that the CVD Program has been around for over a decade and has proved its worth time and again to help design and deploy next generation network architectures across the globe.

What do Channel Partners have to say about FlexPod for VMware?

Here is a short video by Paul Sorgiovanni, Data Management Practice Manager at Empired (one of the leading FlexPod global partner based in Australia). In this video, Paul explains how FlexPod for VMware has been extremely helpful in making their customers successful, and helped Empired evolve as a trusted advisor for their fast growing customer base.

Here is another FlexPod success story by Robert Pollock, Managing Director for Envisian (another leading FlexPod partner in Australia). In this short video, Robert talks about the secret sauce behind closing the world’s first FlexPod for VMware deal, and why customers are choosing FlexPod to rapidly build next generation cloud infrastructures.

Few days back, we published the FlexPod CVD and the customer and partner response has been overwhelming so far. We also published couple of At-a-glance (AAG) documents around virtualizing Tier-1 Enterprise Apps on FlexPod for VMware. These  AAG documents can be perceived as pre-cursors to the CVDs that are being developed by teams across Cisco, NetApp, and VMware…hint hint!

New FlexPod CVDs

FlexPod for VMware

New At-a-glance (AAG)

As always, we highly appreciate your feedback as we shape up the next generation cloud solutions.


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  1. @Chuck The purpose of this particular blog was to share some new collateral we have around FlexPod. Not sure if I downplayed the other very successful initiatives we have going on with our open ecosystem partners e.g. EMC, VCE, Citrix, BMC, Microsoft etc. We've been very open about highlighting all the key Cisco initiatives (e.g. Vblock, VMDC, VXI etc.) through some of the other blogs here (including mine). @Matt Both Vblock and FlexPod are different cloud consumption models that suit different customer needs. I believe that discrediting one against the other is outside the scope of this discussion. Thanks everyone for your comments/feedback. I would like to close further comments on this blog as the discussion is getting out of scope when compared to the original intent/content of the blog.

  2. Matt, I wasn't going to go there on this blog, but -- I'm glad you waded in. Thanks. Since this blog advertises itself as representing Cisco in the data center -- all of it, and not just selected pieces -- I would think the authors need to expand their scope to additional, relevant initiatives (e.g. VCE), or simply admit that they're promoting specific partners to the exclusion of others. -- Chuck

  3. If you care to ask any executive from Cisco and vmware flexpod is a reference architecture to build a unified fabric solution. This is where VCE was around 9 months ago, and now a V block is no longer a reference architecture but a fully built, tested, delivered and supported fabric solution. If you like risk with integrating, finger pointing with support and no real roadmap for future approved development - go for flex pod.

  4. Thanks Abhinav, Its great to have the highest level of support from Cisco, VMware and NetApp. It has certainly helped Empired and other Eco Systems partners deliver true flexibility to our Customer bases in a channel friendly environment. I think everyone involved in bringing Flexpod to the market will be ecstatic at demand from our customers

  5. @Chuck Great comment. It is well known that the very successful VCE/Vblocks is one of Cisco's key cloud initiatives. You should check with the Cisco team working on VCE/Vblocks around their blogging plans. Please let me know if I can be of any further assistance. Regards, Abhinav

    • Abhinav Thanks for inviting me to wade through the entire Cisco organization to accomplish a simple objective: editorial balance. As I read this blog, it appears that the bloggers are encouraged or otherwise goaled to promote specific partners to the exclusion of others. Is this the case, and -- if so -- do you think it makes sense to be transparent with your audience in this regard? I would think that doing so would reflect well on Cisco. -- Chuck

  6. Hi -- I was curious as to why there is never any mention of VCE and Vblocks in this Cisco blog. Given that Cisco is a major investor in VCE, and that John Chambers mentions it frequently, I find that very curious. Is there any explanation? Thanks!