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FCoE Cabling – Before and After

- March 10, 2011 - 4 Comments

This came to me today from one of our customers who was extremely excited. We’ve heard about FCoE helping reduce cables, power and cooling costs, etc.

But while all the talk is good, having a couple of side-by-side photos really brings the point home. The below pictures are actual servers being used by a customer, and what happened when they started using FCoE.

Server Cabling, without FCoE and with FCoE

FCoE, cabling before and after


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  1. Just found out some more information. From the customer: "Truly there should be 1 less copper cable. The two coppers are for iLO and vCenter service console... we just hadn't migrated the vCenter console connection. Also, I think the production copper numbers are 16 GE cables and 2 FC cables."

  2. Yeah now that I look close I see it's OM-4.

  3. J, So in the before there were ~11 Ethernet and 2 SCSI cables, SCSI? Not even FC? Ant in the after 4 Ethernets. Assuming the black ones are 10Gig converged. What are the blue ones? Out of band management and ??? - Howard

    • Actually, not quite. The dark blue cables were Ethernet, light blue was FC. Black cables are IB.