Dr Paul Mockapetris likes Location/ID Separation Protocol (LISP)

April 12, 2011 - 1 Comment

You probably  start by now  to digest our March 30th Data Center Fabric launch , which was pretty rich in terms of announcements.
We still have several  topics to cover more in details . One of them is certainly LISP and I am relying on our team , led by our Fellow Engineer Dino Farinacci to provide you very soon a detailed blog on this topic – So stay tuned –
But meanwhile, I’d like to share with you a recent video interview we did with Dr Paul Mockapetris
For those who are not familiar with LISP it’s probably a good opportunity to catch up
Paul Mockapetris  , as you certainly know it, invented DNS – So why did we interview him on LISP ?
Beyond the fact that Paul likes LISP, here is a short, but  to the point explanation – Read what Jeff has to say about DNS and LISP – start with the 3 first paragraphs of his blog “FryGuys’s blog”

Still not fully  convinced about the importance of LISP ?
I like what  the “Virtual Geek” blogger Chad Sakac wrote in his report of the March 30th launch

At this point, you may wander what the difference between OTV and LISP – Read what Scott Lowe has to say in his excellent write up of the launch
“For now, it should suffice to say that OTV addresses Layer 2 connectivity between data centers while LISP helps the rest of the network more efficiently understand and adapt to the Layer 2 connectivity between data centers. Both are necessary.”

Finally here are a couple of pointers , you may want to consider for your “homework “

LISP and Nexus 7000

Cisco Locator/ID Separation Protocol Security

Cisco Locator/ID Separation Protocol IPv6 Transition Strategy

Locator/ID Separation Protocol and Cloud Computing

By the way, don’t think that we are ignoring the questions  expressed by  some active bloggers like Greg Ferro

We always appreciate feedback.

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  1. Didier

    I think this would be a great topic to discuss on a podcast ( http://packetpushers.net ) so we can talk around the various issues and technologies and really ‘scratch the itch’ on LISP.

    Ping me an email and we can setup the details.