Do you run VMware on Cisco UCS? These guys do!

September 13, 2011 - 4 Comments

So, who runs VMware on Cisco UCS. Well, these VMworld attendees were kind enough to share with me during the breakfast session.

It was really great to get out and meet some of the people at the conference in a more casual setting. I had my trusty Flip Camera and thought is would be cool to get some people talking about Cisco UCS. I was actually surprised at the number of people who still have little or no knowledge about our server products. Some people thought I was talking about some new switch that Cisco makes. Lucky we had a really cool booth right in the front of the Expo. So, to all those people who had not heard about Cisco UCS hopefully you had a chance to stop by our booth and check out the UCS rack or maybe play the UCS Rack game.

Here is a group checking out the UCS gear.

At first people were very reluctant to say anything on camera, which was probably helped by the fact it was 8:00am and they were trying to have breakfast. I am pretty persistent though, I finally found quite a few people who were running UCS and willing to say it on camera.

What do you run VMware on? 

One thing I found out for sure talking to the people at VMworld is that people, who run UCS, love it. FlexPod, vBlock, or by itself UCS seems to be striking a chord with VMware administrators, engineers and architects.

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  1. I have performed several implementations of VMware on UCS(mostly B-series) and can say that the customers have been pleased with the setup.

    • Yes, everyone I talked to at the show who was using UCS really raved about it. Kinda of funny but there were a few times other people around came over to listen in on conversation.

  2. Will be running redhat rev-m on ucs in the near future. Stay tuned to

    • Good news to hear about another happy UCS implmentation. Keep us posted on your progress with REV.