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Death Star Network Design Contest

March 14, 2008 - 0 Comments

I was trolling through some stuff last night and came across this new building being proposed as a convention center in the United Arab Emirates. It’s an interesting piece from a design perspective, and in this case I would say function is clearly following form. Let’s call this for now the Death Star Convention Center.Now I realize that this is an interesting building, and a wonderful concept. Would the network cabling come up the risers into the main reactor? How do the tractor beams interface with the TIE fighters? Ethernet? 802.11n? These things keep me curious. If anyone can post some decent designs in PPT, Visio, or as a Video Blog and link them in I will send a Cisco Nexus Fleece to my faves. Eddie Izzard had some ideas on things that were necessary in the Canteen/Cafeteria of this convention center that are worth noting as they directly relate to the design criteria…

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