Data in Motion – The Highest Value of Big Data

October 1, 2012 - 0 Comments

Massive amounts of data are being created every day, and shaping the way we live, work, and interact. Big Data  can give  a strategic advantage. Big Data can also create a richer experience for customer. We all agree about that.

But early on our scientists have speculated on the implications of the explosion of data. They described their  vision for a future Internet of Things — when trillions of networked computers could free people to focus their energies on pressing issues like climate change or resource shortages. (See video interview  from  David Evans, (@DaveTheFuturist) Cisco’s Chief Futurist and Chief Technologist and blog from  Shaun Kirby,  Director of Cisco’s Innovations Architecture Practice  for Cisco’s Internet Business Solutions)

Today we definitely see the Internet as the next realm for Big Data to shine : From a video camera, a tire pressure sensor  to a smart meter  these devices are creating a constant flow of data. In fact, as Carlos Dominguez , Cisco SVP , Office of the Chairman of the Board and CEO explains in his today blog “Finding Wisdom in Big Data” , the data generated by the devices will very soon make up the majority of all information available.  With the caveat , that  the real-time nature of these new sources of data requires that it is evaluated in motion and in meaningful way. The value of data is often dictated by time – being at its highest value as it is created. It is less and less relevant  to look at them later.

Gathering data-in-motion from these sensors, mobile devices, and video cameras, the network can help companies and organizations to make decisions in real time. Cisco provides the intelligent infrastructure that supports this evolution.

This future of data-in-motion  is the focus of a recent project produced by famed photographer Rick Smolan and sponsored by Cisco. The Human Face of Big Data is launching on October 2, 2012  at 9:00 am EST with a live Mission Control event featuring industry thought leaders, amongst them Carlos Dominguez discussing “data in motion.”  To know more about this exciting event and register,  check here . Follow also Carlos Dominguez on Twitter (@carlosdominguez) and join the conversation at #DataInMotion.

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