Conscia, a systems integrator based in Europe runs a flourishing business, and offers its customers IT infrastructure and 24/7 services for network, data center, security and mobility. Conscia is a Cisco Gold Partner and specializes in Cisco DC portfolio – Cisco UCS, ACI and HyperFlex. Conscia has the distinct competitive advantage in the EMEA region as a data center system integrator, with numerous successful production deployments of ACI in diverse customer segments and verticals across finance, education, public-sector to name major ones. Conscia also has proven expertise in deploying pre-integrated, ACI partner ecosystem solutions for diverse use-cases such as security, automation and acceleration of application delivery with ADCs (Citrix NetScaler), orchestration (VMware, UCS Director, OpenStack) etc., thereby addressing care-abouts of emerging buying centers.

Customer Challenges

Conscia has deployed Cisco ACI in multiple customer segments, spread across whole of Europe. Common challenges include the need to simplify network operations and focus on strategic customer initiatives. Also, there is a growing demand from customers to build and automate and secure data center infrastructure from the ground up. To meet these business and IT objectives, most of Conscia’s customers gravitate towards Cisco ACI as their foundational network technology.

Conscia Customer Deployment Experience

Conscia has the distinction of having deployed the first ACI deployment in Europe and ever since, there has never been a looking back. Customers have shared their positive experiences with ACI and standout feedback relates to ease of management, programmability, distributed security and hypervisor agnostic virtual networking environment. Conscia’s customers speak in unison when it comes to the simplified operations where entire ACI Fabric can be deployed and brought up in order of minutes versus days and weeks common with legacy networking technologies.

Conscia’s customers also benefit from ACI’s consistent visibility across physical and virtual, and in conjunction with Cisco AppDynamics they can achieve end-to-end data center visibility with real-time monitoring of all flows, and eventually catering to business objective of enhanced SLA and data center uptime.

Cisco ACI offers us a programmable, hypervisor agnostic and highly secure data center infrastructure, but what took us by surprise was the ease of management it provides. We were able to turn up new services within minutes…” Henrik Moll, Acting CTO, Conscia


Road Ahead

Conscia is constantly looking for newer opportunities to serve their customers and improve their data center uptime and SLA. Conscia practices the adage of “eat your own dogfood” by deploying key Cisco DC technologies like ACI in-house, and apply the operational and deployment best practices learned, and deliver secure and automated network solutions in diverse customer deployments. Conscia is embarking on a robust roadmap to expand their deployment practice from pure networking to other data center segments such as Analytics (Cisco Tetration), Network Assurance (Cisco Network Assurance Engine) and Application Performance management (AppDynamics) platforms. Conscia is committed to ensuring its customers high operational stability and as little downtime as possible.

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