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Cloud Security, commentary on a GigaOm article…

December 12, 2008 - 2 Comments

Alistair over at GigaOm penned an interesting piece on the role of security in the cloud. Alistair raises some interesting points- that since there are less humans involved in cloud architectures, that processes are more stringent, and that it is not your employees these architectures can be trusted more implicitly. I would say ‘I agree IF…’ (big IF)…– What are the security policies, processes, guidelines, within the cloud?- Who will have access to my data, is it encrypted at rest and on the fly?- Who owns the encryption key for the PKI infrastructure that better be there to encrypt/decrypt my data?-

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  1. this all have been said so by Gartner

  2. I’d really like to see proof points that there are less humans”” involved in Cloud architectures. It’s a “”squeezing the balloon problem,”” the workforce/labor pool simply shifts. Automation is still not currently at levels that allows for the sort of self-governing architecture…yet. Further, many of Alistair’s examples cited as sources for his statistics are years out of date.I talk about this scale/eyeball issue in my response to Alistair’s post here: