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Cisco will be at Oracle Open World . Guess why?

September 23, 2009 - 2 Comments

There is a lot of excitement these days with Cisco decision of being a Platinum sponsor of Oracle OpenWorld 2009 October 11–15, at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, California.

Cisco and Oracle have been for a long time partners and industry pioneers, bringing innovation to data center environments to improve productivity, increase service agility, and lower total cost of ownership.

So far Cisco Data Center Network solutions, including the Application Networking Services (ANS), have been delivering  great platform for your Oracle infrastructure.
With the launch of the Unified Computing Systems this year, actively supported by Oracle, Cisco is providing a new level of services and systems  to the Oracle applications  users and administrators , that we describe as Fast, Simple and Proven .

So if you plan to be at Oracle Open World 2009, we invite you to attend our speaking sessions and visit Cisco  booth (#2301 ) to get the latest news from our experts  about Oracle validations and benchmarking results.  Here are some details of what you can expect

On the both (#2301) , Cisco will present the key systems and products of the Data Center solutions portfolio and architecture , which provide today to the Oracle users unmatched performances, simplicity and realiability: Unified Computing System, Unified Fabric , WAAS/ACE  

Cisco data center solutions deliver a faster platform for your Oracle infrastructure. You will learn how to increase performances for your solutions, with faster access and navigation, quick downloads, and increased scalability.


Cisco data center solutions simplify deployment and operations of your Oracle infrastructure. Cisco unified computing with Oracle technologies, including Oracle Databases, Oracle VM Oracle Enterprise Linux, Fusion Middleware, and business applications, helps global customers transform their business and improve performance in the data center. Oracle solutions combined with the Cisco Unified Computing System provide significant value through:

  • Standards-based, high-performance unified fabric
  • Improved memory capacity
  • Reduced power consumption
  • Lower total cost of ownership


Cisco and Oracle are working to make Oracle’s next-generation solutions interoperable with the Cisco Unified Computing System. This effort can help our mutual customers evolve to a unified data center where the network, computing, storage access, applications, andvirtualization resources are delivered in a single cohesive system. Cisco is part of the Oracle Validated Configuration Program and has been validating the Unified Computing System with Oracle Database, Oracle Real Application Clusters, Oracle VM, Oracle Enterprise Linux and Oracle applications.


 Cisco executives and engineers will participate to several speaking sessions-

 “Management and Infrastructure Stream” General Session on Monday, October 12,4–5:15 p.m
Speakers: John Manville, Vice President of IT, Cisco; Edward Screven, Chief Corporate Architect, Oracle; Richard Sarwal, Senior Vice President, Product Development, Oracle

Services Industries Stream” General Session on Monday, October 12, 1-2:15p.m.
Speakers: Bill Ruh, Vice President, Worldwide Technology Practices, Applications, Software and Platforms Practice, Services Product Management,Cisco and David Anderson,Vice President, Services, Transportation, and Construction, Oracle

Oracle Database Deployment on UCS: A Case Study by Cisco IT
Speakers: Patrick Andersson, Director of IT, and Sidney Morgan, Data Center Architect

Cisco Unified Computing Management
Speaker: Scott Rose, Senior Director, UCS Product Management

If nothing else, swing by the booth (#2301) to say hello, ask questions and let us know what you liked at the show and what we could be doing better.

For more information on Cisco Oracle partnership :


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