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Cisco WAAS 200+ Site Internal Deployment: Kool-Aid Drinks Well

January 25, 2010 - 1 Comment

Cisco has been — and continues to — actively deploy its technology to support its own business initiatives, as well as develop best practices and target results for its customers.  Called “Cisco on Cisco”, it has encompassed a wide range of technologies.

This blog is a cross-link to a posting from a Cisco IT team on their own company-wide deployment of Cisco WAAS .  WAAS, or Wide Area Application Services, is a core technology in Cisco Data Center and Borderless Networks architectures.

You can see Cisco IT’s own descriptions of its 200+ site deployment, and some of the goals and projected results (e.g. $850K 3 yr. savings).  Stay tuned for a more detailed case study in the weeks to come.

Full blog post from Cisco IT:

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  1. Your headline says, he Kool-Aid drinks well”” — uh, what? To drink the Kool-Aid is to blindly and stupidly follow what you are told and stems from the Jonestown massacre, when about 1,000 people drank the poisoned Kool-Aid put out for them by the idiot Jim Jones. So no one wants to “”drink the Kool-aid”” and only an idiot would encourage it.Maybe you should “”eat your own dog food”” instead. That’s the expression you want. And it has a good tech provenance, too.”