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Cisco Gaining Credibility in the Data Center Provisioning and Automation Market

June 20, 2008 - 3 Comments

I was interested to note that Denise Dubie, senior editor of Network World recently published an article in which she acknowledges Cisco’s VFrame provisioning appliance as a viable product offering in the emerging Data Center automation market. Read her article here.She compares Cisco’s network centric”stitch together” virtual infrastructure approach to other more traditional application and server centric offerings. From a network perspective Cisco sees orchestration across all three areas, specifically with API’s and policies that link application services, and server OS re-purposing and virtualized infrastructures. Cisco’s VFrame product offers a rich set of northbound and southbound XML interfaces in which this integration is possible. Several customers have already deployed VFrame in this manner. Further, VFrame has an extensive multi-vendor integration across server, network, and storage offerings. This is a new frontier that crosses boundaries in the data center. It will be interesting to see how the market develops.By Guest BloggerBill Erdman, Director, SVBU US Marketing

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  1. You mention a release in eraly 09. I cannot find more specific dates. When will we be able to test vFrame 1.3?Thanks

  2. VFrame version 1.2.5, scheduled for release in Q4, 2008 will include switch chassis integration with the Nexus 7000 and 5000 switch lines. This initial integration will focused on layer-2 Ethernet switching, with host service templates including VLANs, ACL's, QOS, 801.1Q trunking (a must have ESX clusters), mac address virtualization, discovery and topology representations. Unified fabric integration (FCoE) will follow with the 1.3 release, in early 09. To your ASA question, version 1.2.5 of VFrame will offer an open device interface, for the development of custom host service macro's, thus allowing customers and integrators the ability to write their own ingress and egress firewall rules on per host group basis. These custom rules are merged into the end to end provisioning templates within VFrame and are applied as new servers are added to specific application groups. I will need to do further investigation regarding the virtualization constructs within routers and ASA firewalls. Thank you for your inquiry.

  3. Hello,I will like to ask if the new Cisco VFrame supports:- Cisco Nexus 7000- Cisco Nexus 5000And if we are speaking about Data Center Provisioning when we will see such terms define in the Cisco Routers (Cisco router virtualization - like ASA firewall's)Best regards,Florin Manaila