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Cisco and Infoblox – VOD from Webcast

- January 21, 2009 - 1 Comment

I got to enjoy a morning recently with 600 of my closest friends, on a webcast with Stuart Bailey from Infoblox, Rahul Tripathi from Cisco, and moderated by the illustrious RIck Kagan- also from Infoblox. I do not normally shamelessly advertise webcasts an such like this, but let me say that we had fun with this one. After the obligatory registration section- jump in, but also comment back, join the conversation, and let us know what you think. dg

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  1. Thank goodness you were there Doug. You kept them on track and offered a meaningful perspective.The Inflobox hype, had me reaching for a redbull after my forehead hit the keyboard. The entire world told them go look at IPv6. D'ohhh