Cisco Validated Designs for Cloud : Lab-Validated for Free ! Part 1

October 23, 2012 - 0 Comments

This new Cisco Validated Designs for Cloud blog series will feature the latest CVDs released and published in this rapidly-evolving systems and technology area….  Before digging  into some of these new CVD’s, I had a short conversation with Tom Nallen who leads the Cisco Validated Design program and Design Zone, the main repository for these on

” I’ve heard about CVDs, what exactly are they?

Simply put, Cisco Validated Designs are recommended, lab-validated, end-to-end designs for next-generation IT systems.  The foundation of this long-running systems validation program at Cisco is the Cisco Validated Design guide, or CVD, which provides lab-validated technical guidance to help achieve faster, more consistent and reliable technology deployments.  While the customer requirements-driven CVD development process requires a substantial investment of system capital and engineering expertise by Cisco,  CVDs are published on and available to all free of charge.

CVD’s are developed by many different business units across Cisco, focused on the five Cisco Priorities including: the Network Foundation (routing, switching, services plus security and mobility), Collaboration, Data Center/Virtualization and Cloud, and Video – all within a Technology Architecture linked to Business Architecture.   Cisco Validated Designs play a key role here by incorporating a wide range of technologies, products and applications into a portfolio of proven solutions that have been developed to address the business needs of our customers.  The complete portfolio of Cisco Validated Designs can be found on Design Zone on at

OK, so how are CVDs relevant to Data Centers and Cloud?

Many Cisco Validated Designs have been published to Design Zone for Data Centers over the years.  CVDs are available across the Unified Data Center, from the Virtualized Multi-service Data Center (VMDC) reference architecture, to Network Infrastructure and Services systems  such as  the Catalyst 6500 Virtual Switching System (VSS), to Business Application designs such as Microsoft SharePoint on FlexPod for VMware, or  the Cisco Solution for Hitachi Unified Compute Platform Select with VMware vSphere CVD was just released to DesignZone recently .

Cisco VMDC architecture (cloud infrastructure and services)



As evidenced by the company’s priorities, Cisco’s investment in developing Data Center/Virtualization and Cloud systems is increasing.  Many new CVDs have been published in this area, helping customers adopt and deploy cloud technology and systems faster and with more confidence.   These systems are helping to transform the ability of enterprises, commercial and non-profit organizations, and service providers to accelerate time to market for new products and services while reducing cost and improving satisfaction and competitiveness.  These CVDs are showcased in a new area on Design Zone – Data Center Designs: Cloud Computing .

Great, can you give me an example of a recent Cloud CVD?

Sure.  Service Assurance, for example, is a critical area for both enterprises and service providers moving to virtualized, cloud –based infrastructure and services delivery models.  Data Center IT staffs need to efficiently ensure they are delivering quality services and achieving Service Level Agreements (SLAs) to maximize revenue and reduce cost.

Service and Infrastructure assurance is a key element of the VMDC reference architecture for the Unified Data Center and just a couple weeks ago Cisco added Zenoss Cloud Service Assurance (CSA) to its product portfolio under a new SolutionsPlus resale agreement.  Before taking this step, however,  the Systems Development Unit (SDU) in Cisco’s central engineering organization developed and validated Zenoss CSA as a component in the VMDC 2.2 system design.  The Cloud Service Assurance for Virtualized Multi-Services Data Center 2.2 system was developed and validated in the lab over several months, and the CVD was published to Design Zone for Data Center and Cloud Service Assurance in August of this year, a full month before Zenoss CSA was added to the Cisco price list.  This extra systems pre-integration step illustrates well the value in deployment confidence and speed a Cloud CVD can deliver. ”

Stay tuned for more details on Cloud Service Assurance CVD with  Laszlo Bojtos, system manager for the Cisco Cloud Service Assurance validation – This second part is coming very soon.

If you had the opportunity to use the Cisco validated Design program , please don’t hesitate to comment on this experience .





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