Cisco UCS Servers – From the loading dock to production in no time at all

October 11, 2012 - 0 Comments

In my first blog post, I highlighted some of the benefits being seen by customers using Cisco’s Unified Computing System (UCS®) from Case Studies. In the second post, I discussed reduction in cabling in more detail. Today I will drill down on provisioning.

A reduction in time to provision and deploy servers is the benefit most often cited by customers. This is accomplished with UCS Manager. Cisco UCS Manager integrates the management interfaces for server, network, and storage access into a single unified tool. UCS Manager uses a building block approach combing pools, polices, and templates into Service Profiles. Service Profiles allow you to configure over 120 settings that make up a server’s “personality” enabling one-click deployment.

Here are three customer examples.

Basefarm – The crucial feature of Cisco UCS Manager is its use of service profiles to provision server resources, enabling infrastructure to be provisioned in minutes instead of days. “What Cisco has done with server profiles is brilliant,” says Månsby. “You can’t have a server online without storage and network, so it makes perfect sense to package all three administrative functions into a single interface. It’s all about resource efficiency: if server, storage, and network are three different phases, then you spend three times as long on a deployment or change as you would using Cisco UCS. And time is money.” Stefan Månsby, Chief Business Development Officer

AudienceView Ticketing – “We used to spend up to a day and a half provisioning a new server. Now we can do that in 60 minutes.” “Now that we can provision our environment on demand, we’re able to summon enormous computing power in almost no time at all. We don’t need to reserve capacity that we’ll never use. In short, we can drastically minimize wasted time and resources while responding much more quickly to customers’ needs.” Gopi Balasingam, Vice President of Operations

Nighthawk Radiology – “With Cisco UCS Manager service profiles, we can very quickly reconfigure any server blade so that it’s ready for production in 15-20 minutes. Rapid configuration is critical in our environment, where a server outage is simply unacceptable.” Ken Brande, Vice President, IT, NightHawk Radiology Services


If you want to get hands on with UCS Manager and see why it won Microsoft’s Breakthrough Technology Award at Tech Ed North America 2012, download a copy of the Platform Emulator from the Cisco Developer Network (registration required). You will also have access to the UCS XML API Programmer’s Guide and the goUCS Automation Tool. If you would like a see a demonstration of UCS Manager in action, take it for a Test Drive demonstration video.

Would you like to learn more about how Cisco UCS can help you? There are more than 250 published datacenter case studies on Additionally, there is a TCO/ROI tool that will allow you to compare your existing environment to a new UCS Solution. For a more in-depth TCO/ROI analysis, contact your Cisco partner.

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