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Cisco UCS for a Better Night’s Sleep

October 13, 2010 - 0 Comments

We continue to see accelerating traction for our Cisco UCS and with this increasing customer adoption, we see some pretty compelling business results from our customers. Today, we have an IPTV broadcast with one of those customers: Slumberland. [UPDATE: Here is the archive for the broadcast]

For those of you unfamiliar with the company, they are one of the top 25 furniture retailers in the US with 118 stores in 11 midwestern states.  They are facing a set of IT and business challenges that should be familiar to anyone in the retail industry including maintaining low costs in a highly competitive environment, scalability and security and compliance requirements.  As with many of our customers they also had to work with a lean IT staff and a basically flat IT budget.

Slumberland’s IT environment is also fairly typical for an enterprise customer: Microsoft Hyper-V R2, SQL Server, and Exchange 2007 IBM DB2, Oracle 10g and 11g, and Cisco collaboration.

With their current data center infrastructure hitting end of life, the IT team went on a quest for a new platform and landed on the UCS. They picked UCS for three primary reasons:

  • Best open platform for virtualization because of high RAM capacity, low latency and high I/O bandwidth
  • Lowest TCO
  • Compatibility with their existing environment, including Compellent SAN, Cisco MDS, Windows and Linux

The results they achieved are pretty hard to argue with:

  • $368K less than than other solutions they considered
  • Reduced per-server management costs from $1,575 to $80
  • 4X more virtual desktop sessions per server along with improved user experience (faster login and better session performance)
  • Simplified troubleshooting with UCS Manager’s ability to provide a single point of control.

As is often the case, the Cisco solution was about more than just cool technology, both Cisco Services and our partner Qwest played central roles in pulling this all together fro Slumberland.

A couple of weeks ago, when I introduced Data Center Business Advantage, I talked about our goal being more than just delivering cool technology to the market–it was about linking that technology to meaningful and tangible business outcomes and what Slumberland was able to do is a prime example.  For example, the operational costs savings means that their IT team can maintain a flat budget but still free budget to continue to invest and innovate with their data center.  Alternatively, IT could return some or all the cost savings back to the company to help it a) reduce overall operating expenses and maintain or increase its low-cost competitive advantage and/or b) increase overall profitability.  Similarly, the simplified operations allows the IT staff to get out of constant fire-fighting mode (which is good for their long-term well-being) and allows them the cycles to be strategic and be a better partner to the rest of the business.

Anyway, check out the broadcast, its a pretty cool story.

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