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Cisco UCS Business Advantage Delivered: Radically Simplified Data Center Management

April 18, 2012 - 0 Comments

In my last blog I focused on the architectural differences between traditional blade servers and Cisco UCS. Although I touched on the issue of management complexity,  let’s take a closer  look into how operational costs are affected by the cost of provisioning, monitoring, and managing your infrastructure.

According to many industry studies, roughly 70% of current IT budgets are allocated to maintenance activities with only 30% allocated to innovation. This spending imbalance comes from the fact that maintaining infrastructure is hard.  Much of the difficulties are caused by the “accidental architecture” of management systems that have been put in place as an afterthought. For example, a traditional blade server chassis with 16 blades can have anywhere from 13 to 20 management interfaces!

Then you want to add virtualization on top of this environment? It is no wonder IT departments are struggling to meet cost objectives and run day-to-day operations smoothly!

Cisco UCS Manager : Unified, Model-based Management

Cisco Unified Computing System radically simplifies managing the entire system (compute, network, and storage access) with unified, model-based management. This management is part of the DNA of Cisco UCS. Gone are the days of using spreadsheets to track inventory and log changes. The Cisco UCS system, with one point of management spanning both Cisco UCS blade and rack servers, is self-aware and self-integrating, automatically discovering and inventorying components.

As one administrator put it:

“It took just an hour to deploy the first 112-server Cisco UCS with NetApp storage and VMware vSphere. Alternative solutions would have required physically touching and configuring each blade, which would have taken one person at least 1 or 2 weeks. We saved 6 to 12 weeks for the first six pods alone. When we migrated the first 120 servers to the Cisco UCS, 168 management points were consolidated to just 2, the pair of Cisco UCS 6100 [Series] Fabric Interconnects.”  For additional details please check the Storage Manufacturer Builds Highly Scalable Testing Cloud Customer case study.

A savings of 6 to 12 weeks to deploy infrastructure! Just imagine what your organization could do with an extra 6 or 12 weeks of time and costs savings! To find out more about how Cisco UCS unified model-based management can improve your cost structure, please see the paper Cisco UCS Business Advantage Delivered: Data Center Management

Girish Kulkarni

Sr. Marketing Manager


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