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Cisco Intelligent Automation for Cloud 3.1 — for Partners and Customers

November 2, 2012 - 1 Comment

Cisco Intelligent Automation for Cloud 3.1 was announced this week in a blog article by Director of Marketing Jason Schroedl.

Why are Customers and Partners excited about this new release?

The release this week of Cisco Intelligent Automation for Cloud 3.1 further demonstrates Cisco’s commitment to help its enterprise and service provider customers with innovative technology for private, public, and hybrid cloud deployments.

Today I would like to talk about the three ways an enterprise company can implement their cloud with Cisco Intelligent Automation for Cloud:

  1. Cisco Advanced Service — cloud enablement services
  2. Authorized Technology Provider Partner — professional services delivery engagement
  3. Customer Implementation — following upcoming customer training


Since we released Cisco Intelligent Automation for Cloud Starter Edition 3.0 in April, we’ve been enabling a select group of two dozen Authorized Technology Provider (ATP) Partners around the world on how to sell and deliver Cisco Intelligent Automation for Cloud. These ATP Partners are teaming with over a dozen worldwide Ecosystem Partners who have deep technical experience in the virtualized data center. Many of these Ecosystem Partners have worked directly with Cisco Advanced Services in the past to plan, design, and implement cloud solutions.

With the new release of Cisco Intelligent Automation for Cloud 3.1 we’ll be expanding the number of Cisco Partners who will have access to this training over the next several months. Partners will be able to learn more at the Cisco Intelligent Automation for Cloud Partner Community — accessible with a current Cisco Connected Online (CCO) ID — at


Enterprise customers now have a choice when it comes to installing, configuring and enhancing their cloud.    They can select from one of our enabled ATP Partners, or Cisco Advanced Services.  For those customers that choose to do cloud customization themselves, we will be providing training in the next few months.   The training will focus on the Cisco Portal, Orchestrator, Server Provisioner, and Network Services Manager so they can tailor or customize Cisco Intelligent Automation for Cloud to their specific industry requirements.

What can a company expect to see in the new Cisco Intelligent Automation for Cloud 3.1?

Here are a few of my favorite benefits, you can find five cool things on the blog of Director or Product Management Wayne Greene:

1) Scalable clouds: from single virtual machines to large-scale virtual data centers. Cisco Intelligent Automation for Cloud 3.1 allows an end use in a company to spin up a virtual machine or an engineering manager to spin up many VMs for a virtual data center quickly and easily. Rather than having an engineering manager go outside the company to quickly provision a virtual data center, they can can now do it quickly and inexpensively — using the cloud enablement of their own data center.

2) CloudSync: cloud infrastructure discovery and management systems connected. Now within the easy-to-use web interface of Cisco Intelligent Automation for Cloud a cloud administrator can quickly see all their infrastructure items dynamically and manage their capacity.

3) Clouds your way: with over 250 extension points based on best practices. These extension points within Cisco Intelligent Automation for Cloud allows either Cisco Advanced Services, an ATP Partner, or a trained customer to extend their cloud environment to include a wide variety of enhanced capabilities, without worrying if it will break when they upgrade to the next release.

Cisco Intelligent Automation for Cloud version 3.1 — three ways to implement your cloud, my favorite three new benefits with this new release.

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Bill Petro

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