Cisco Increases SAN Market Share

At Cisco we are committed to providing our customers with the best end-to-end networking.  We commit considerable research, time and development to this principle and that includes storage networking. A proof point that customers have been choosing Cisco is the most recent market share reports from Dell’Oro.  Cisco’s market share by revenue for Fibre Channel (FC) and Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) were up 6.3% for the last quarter and up 7.4% year over year. That brings Cisco to a total of 43.2% market share by revenue!  In contrast, our competitors have largely seen diminishing market share in both port and revenue or at best held steady.

Why the market share change? We believe that the market share increases for us is a result of the efficiencies that customer gain when they invest in products in Cisco’s Unified Fabric portfolio, which includes the MDS and Nexus product lines, both of which support multi-protocol operation, meaning Fibre Channel and other protocols. The first phase of the next generation data center is server virtualization and the attendant consolidation, which is currently in full steam at most companies. The next phase is simplification and automation on top of the consolidation and virtualization.  The last phase is high-level automation (orchestration) and customer self-service (service portal), or what is generally referred to as private cloud.

Cisco’s Unified Fabric enables all of this in a number of ways.  Unified Fabric enables a tight link between virtualization solutions and the network, both storage and general data.  Furthermore, Unified Fabric allows customers to consolidate and manage the network, which lowers ongoing OPEX and CAPEX during upgrades.  Customers see Cisco as the network toolbox, with Fibre Channel and FCoE options to suit every need.  That’s why Cisco is winning in the storage networking market. We offer end-to-end solutions that enable the change the customer needs now and takes them on the journey to the private cloud in the future. Cisco’s Unified Fabric preserves existing investments better than our competitors. Customers investments are protected by long road maps and technological innovation that competitors simply cannot match.

For the first time in years, there is new interest in the storage networking market and Cisco is leading the way.  Customers need functionality for the new data center, not just more speeds and feeds along the same old path.  The ability to enable efficiency is what CIOs need to bring their businesses to the next level and Cisco provides it with the MDS and Nexus data center switching families.

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  1. Awesome! Go MDS & Nexus!