Cisco + EMC + VCE + VMWare Spells Success for SAP HANA and Cloud

July 26, 2012 - 0 Comments

Do the technology partners that comprise your data center really make a difference?  In the case of SAP HANA and Cloud, the answer is yes.   The Application Data Centers of the future look much different than the Application Data Center of the past.  CIO’s are looking for ways to reduce costs, floor space, and management of their Data Centers while increasing the intelligence they gather from their existing data in order to get a leg up on their competition.

Thanks to their numerous advanced technologies (i.e UCS..)  Cisco and EMC, with the active participation of VMware and VCE have developed over the past years a strong architecture to support the traditional needs of the SAP customers, but also new requirements related to cloud and big data.

With the recent certification of SAP Scale-Out, Cisco and EMC are partnering more closely than ever to provide Application Data Center Managers with the platform and persistent storage needed to solve the issues that keep CIO’s awake at night.

Thanks to SAP HANA, data that previously was unattainable or unstructured, is now reportable to CIO’s in a format that will allow them to make instantaneous decisions to the benefit of their customers and to their bottom line.   Since everything with SAP HANA is real-time in memory, reports that used to take days or weeks are now attainable in seconds.   Cisco and EMC have provided the perfect platform for these transactions giving Application Data Center managers choices they may not have with other hardware vendors.

“Cisco and EMC have teamed up with SAP around SAP HANA, building an integrated and certified appliance (read more here)   The benefits are that the appliance leverages the very dense memory footprint of the UCS B440 M3 blades, and use MPFS (a very unique storage protocol on the VNX) and NAS on the EMC VNX5300 to solve one of the challenges that HANA on it’s own doesn’t address – which is data persistence, as well as delivering replication options.  Interestingly, we saw 3x higher performance leveraging MPFS and NAS together, as opposed to straight up NFS. ” EMC VP Chad Sakac  (blog The Virtual Geek )

In addition to being the ideal platform for SAP HANA, when you add in VCE and VMWare to the mix, the combined Cloud Vblock solution becomes an optimized platform for any Application Data Center Manager.   Servers become virtualized, Data Centers become consolidated, and management become simplified.

So how do you spell success?  Cisco+EMC+VCE+VMWare.

If you want to know more about the solutions provided by the Alliance between these companies

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I am looking forward to your participation at this webinar.


I am looking forward to your participation on July 31st at the webinar !

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