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Cisco Data Center Customer Testimonials – Metrics for Success!

October 28, 2011 - 0 Comments

The recent public broadcast of the announcements of the second generation Nexus series and the ASA 1000V virtual firewall included an oustanding customer panel with Avago Technologies and HireRight. Feedback on these videos always points to the value of hearing from other customers, and viewers were particularly enthusiastic about this segment based on two great presenters sharing real world metrics for how they measure the success of their data center projects and the benefits they’ve achieved by working with Cisco.

Some of the highlights that folks seemed most interested in were how Avago had consolidated their DC with UCS servers and Nexus switches resulting in 40% lower costs, half the power consumption, and a 90% reduction in the time to deploy and provision key applications, with a resulting improvement in business processes. As Shreyas from Avago says, the real IT drivers are cost and agility, and they are truly able to show metrics in this direction that are quantifiable to tangible business benefits.


HireRight depends on virtualization a great deal in their environment based on the employment services they run globally for customers. He makes a great comment about how Cisco was the one vendor that put a great deal of work into adequately sizing their data center capacity needs for a large number of virtual desktops they needed to run globally. As he notes, these aren’t easy calculations, and a lot of vendors just throw tons of memory and CPU power at the problem. Mark Adams says, “It really gets into what a specific blade can support, and Cisco did a great job with us pulling this together.”

Compare this to a recent comment by HP, in a recent article in Network Computing, “Cisco oversells and overprovisions the network, which Cisco does to maintain its market share…”. In reality, customers are working with Cisco to derive real business value and scale projects appropriately. With cloud, we’re driving customers towards even more resource elasticity and on-demand allocation for optimal cost improvements. And we’re making it happen today as you can here from these two customers.

Mark then goes on to talk about the improved metrics they’ve experienced at HireRight, including 60% reduction in data center square footage, 66% fewer servers, 45% less power, and reduced time to deploy applications. These are the kinds of results that you IT folks can take to the bank!

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