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Cisco and Intel : Enabling Collaboration and Innovation

October 18, 2011 - 0 Comments

Intel blogger Sandhya Gorman is back this week to talk about Intel and Cisco leadership in innovation and collaboration .

“Two leaders I respect very much were featured at Oracle Open World 2011- Cisco CEO John Chambers and Intel GM Kirk Skaugen.  Both spoke on different days to separate audiences but the themes were strikingly synergistic.

Skaugen spoke about the explosion of data that will be sparked by the 15B connected devices expected to be in the hands of the worldwide population by 2015.  This year, connected devices produced 245 Exabytes (that’s a 10 followed by 18 zero’s) of data alone.  As we get to 15B devices, businesses will need to rely on the Cloud to manage all the data in order for them to focus their efforts on innovation and capturing market transitions.

Chambers expressed Cisco’s vision of collaboration and connectivity to foster innovation.  Businesses and consumers no longer will have to deal with 7 or 8 vendors, standalone devices and architectures to collaborate and realize the relevance of the all the exabytes of data we process.  Read appreciative comments on John’s presentation and watch it here

Interestingly, both Cisco and Intel are in a position of enabling collaboration and innovation from both a push and pull perspective.

Cisco CIUS tablets, powered by Intel® processors is Cisco’s new collaboration workhorse designed to give users anywhere and anytime access to data and communications in an ultraportable package.
All the innovation produced and exchanged on this platform will ultimately be managed in the cloud, which will ideally run on Cisco’s Unified Computing Systems platforms, which are also powered by Intel processors.

Here are some  additional examples  of this unique collaboration between Intel and Cisco .

So, there you have it…a collaborative effort between Cisco and Intel to innovate to help you collaborate and innovate.”

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