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Branching Out

March 14, 2008 - 1 Comment

I’m sitting here in my office at 8:30 on Thursday night when I should seriously be out having a cold adult beverage somewhere. But instead I read an article that just got to me. I don’t write much about things not totally linked to the data center, so this was a bit of a departure, but one with which I hope you find worth investing a few minutes of your time on reading. Network World has this habit of dignifying things that employees of a company up north happen to write a bit. The latest ill-conceived spawn from their fingertips is of course linked right here as always.dgI do hope someone could take a stab at helping Tony out with how to design and build his mythical branch. I also think there is a life lesson here to be learned. While I like to hit back with a bit of a wit which has earned such fun comments as ‘So Gourlay is a Schmuck’ or my favorite ‘my passive aggressive style that I am known for’. (which by the way I find endearing, heart warming, and just downright funny) I do hope everyone can see that I have yet to call out any person at a competitor, link to a competitors collateral, or even call another company out by name. I guess this approach is part of what separates the lead dog from the ones with a much different view…Happy Thursday, enjoy the view.dg

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  1. Doug, passive aggressive and blogging don’t work. Don’t be such a wuss and tell it like it is. Is Cisco legal monitoring what you say – if so get them off your back. Nobody wants to read blogs about bloggers contemplating their navels. You would have been better off to have written something like this: Cisco kicks Nortel’s butt everyday because our many customers really enjoy it when we tell them their children are ugly and they have the IQ of a turnip. The white paper doesn’t insult our customers, but if you are looking for an insult, try this one out – you are a just a whiner.