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Begin your Journey to the Cloud with Cisco’s Cloud Starter Edition

April 26, 2012 - 1 Comment

Please be aware that this product is no longer sold.

As Jason Schroedl  announced, Cisco’s Intelligent Automation Solutions Business Unit, in conjunction with the Unified Computing System has just announced a solution for customers of UCS and vCenter that want a Cloud Automation system that can perform both Physical and Virtual server provisioning.  It is called the starter edition for a reason.  We find that many customers are not sure what they want from their cloud and are looking for a great place to start.   This is not what I call the “starship enterprise” of clouds.  It is the first step that a company will take on their cloud journey.

See my previous blog for some key concepts of success cloud deployments: and on my cloud owner manifesto for successful cloud builders: .

Let’s look at typical cloud deployments.

I observe that just about every cloud deployment should go through a phase like Cisco’s Starter Edition to ensure their success.  Generally it is a good idea to delay as many bells and whistles to the second phase of their deployment.   This way the IT shop and organization can acclimate to the new operating model.  This cuts across people, processes and technology.  For smaller IT shops the Starter Edition and some future integration points are all they need to run their private cloud.  For larger IT shops they will need larger and more comprehensive “edition” as their second and follow on phase.  Cisco’s Intelligent Automation Solutions Business Unit has exactly that model.

We call this the crawl, walk, run, sprint model for cloud deployments.  Why is the Journey so important?  Interestingly, another vendor has recently come out with a similar style product.  Many think that deploying a cloud is a simple project.  It is anything but that.  Self service, physical and virtual catalogs, automated provisioning, lifecycle management, and administration are difficult things to get correct.  This is why the Starter Edition is so key to get adoption of private clouds within the enterprise.  There are 27 pre-built services and close to 90 pre-built orchestration workflows.  You can deploy an unlimited number of server templates, and UCS Service Profiles for Physical Provisioning.  Cisco UCS is indeed a better platform for provisioning!

Administration is a key breakthrough for the Intelligent Automation Solution.  With the Starter Edition we have added two new roles to the Cisco Cloud Portal solution that cover both cloud and organizational administrators.   The solution not only has the end user services but ALSO administrator screens and console.  This makes it lower cost to own, manage, and run.  Exactly what you want when you start.  Something that will last.

Start your enterprise private cloud with the Cisco Intelligent Automaton for Cloud Starter Edition and get into production on UCS and show the value of the cloud to your customers quickly.

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