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Are You Getting Top Performance for Your Oracle Applications over the WAN?

October 12, 2009 - 1 Comment

With Oracle Openworld running this week it’s a good time to think about the performance of applications over the wide area network (WAN).  With the changing business environment IT organizations are re-architecting how they deploy enterprise applications. Oracle applications automate business processes and increase productivity, but in this new network-centric world their performance is being impacted by longer WAN links and inefficient Internet protocols resulting in reduced performance and decreased user productivity.

Globalization and outsourcing has created a workforce that is spread across the world. At the same time, to reduce IT costs resulting from the spread of regional systems, and to take advantage of large scale virtualized systems, organizations are centralizing their application and IT infrastructure in the data center. The result of this trend is that the distance from the end user to the application server has increased dramatically and the connection is often over links with limited bandwidth.

Meanwhile newly deployed applications are increasing using the Web browser and rely on Internet protocols such as HTTP, Extensible Markup Language (XML), and Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) to deliver increased usability with decreased complexity. However, the inefficiencies of these protocols results in slower application performance to remote employees across the WAN.

Given these factors, maintaining acceptable end-user performance over long WAN links is a significant challenge for organizations deploying applications such as Oracle E-Business Suite. As a result organizations are looking for a solution that will optimize application performance and increase end-user productivity for their Oracle applications. They need a solution that reduces WAN bandwidth utilization and overcomes inefficiencies of Internet protocols.

To address these needs, Cisco and Oracle have partnered to provide the Cisco Application Networking Systems (ANS) Solution for Oracle Applications, creating a validated network architecture for optimizing Oracle applications for performance and reduced band-width utilization across the WAN. To create this solution Cisco and Oracle product teams collaborated on solution testing and documentation in an interaction that is supported by a global partnership between Cisco and Oracle. As a result customers can confidently deploy centralized applications and deliver LAN-like performance over the WAN.

Visit the Cisco Data Center Partner site for Oracle to see test results and deployment guides for our joint solution for application delivery and stop by Cisco booth 2301 at Oracle Openworld to see a demo of our ANS solution in action.

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  1. The creation of a validated network architecture is a key element to WAN enabling Oracle applications. Many challenges faced running Oracle over wide area networks stem from their development process. Most often they are built by an applications developer focusing on the application with little thought or focus on network transport. An underlying network architecture or framework will help to solve this challenge. Patrick Wood