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Are You Going to EMC World? Some great VXI content awaits…

My $0.02: Skip the buffet, Celine, Cirque, and the slots, but don’t skip learning about Cisco Virtualization Experience Infrastructure (VXI) with EMC.

EMC World is just around the corner, coming up May 9-12 in Las Vegas.  Yeah, I know, Vegas, ugh…  I used to spend what felt like an eternity there every year attending the sales conference at my prior company.  Wheels-down at McCarran, and I was ready to head home.  But EMC World is different and will no doubt have you returning home with some fresh perspectives, and hopefully not a polaroid from the Golden Nugget Wedding Chapel

We’ve been spending a lot of time with our VXI, UCS and EMC teams to help assemble what I think is a great menu of content you can digest, that’s way-better than the 50-item buffet at Caesar’s, and which will have you leaving with info to affect real outcomes for business-owners, IT and end-users.  Whether you have a desktop computing, collaboration or data center infrastructure focus, Cisco and EMC have put together some great VXI content (Cisco Virtualization Experience Infrastructure for the uninitiated). 

Between live demos, booth presentations and featured in-theater sessions, you’ll have several opportunities to increase your understanding of how VXI is addressing key business imperatives and IT challenges facing almost every organization wrestling with the adoption of desktop virtualization, the convergence of this technology with media-rich collaborative applications, and choosing the right infrastructure to scale virtual desktops securely and efficiently without sacrificing user experience (yes, that’s a Vegas-sized mouthful).

Here are some things to consider while you’re (not) playing the slots or catching Celine Dion in Vegas:

Virtual Desktops Transformed – Theater Presentation at Cisco Booth – learn about the Virtualization Experience Infrastructure (VXI) and how it’s transforming the landscape of desktop computing and delivering a new convergence of virtual computing and enterprise-grade media-rich collaboration, underpinned by Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS).  Learn how UCS provides a cohesive system that unites computing, networking, and storage access, delivering a lossless 10Gbps fabric with enterprise-class x86 servers that scale to the demands of virtualized desktop workloads without sacrificing performance or user experience.  “Showtimes” at: 5:05pm on Mon., 4:25pm on Tues., and 2:20pm on Wed.

Virtualization Experience Infrastructure (VXI) Demo at Cisco Booth – after you’ve attended the Theater Presentation, it’s a great opportunity to check out VXI in action at our demo pod.  When you’re there, ask for Ashok, Chris, Ted or Andy.  They know VXI, and can answer your questions.  Ted and Andy built the demo and had to put up with my harassment for almost a month, so I promise it will be good.  This demo will highlight key Cisco VXI solution components including UCS, UCS Manager (with Service Profile Templates for virtual desktops), and our new Virtual Security Gateway (VSG) that works in conjunction with Nexus 1000v to implement dynamic, granular zone-based and context-aware security policies for virtual desktops in the data center.  For dessert, you’ll get to play with our Virtualization Experience Clients (VXC) that are delivering the convergence of virtual desktops and collaboration in two exciting new form factors.  Open throughout exhibit hall hours.

Desktop Virtualization Presentation at EMC Booth – learn how to transform your desktop environment with EMC Solutions for VMware View, in partnership with Cisco.  This presentation will demonstrate functionality, performance, and scalability in VMware View environments enabled by the EMC VNX Family and Cisco Unified Computing System.  Learn how EMC solutions leverage technologies such as VAAI, EMC FAST Cache, and FAST VP to ensure a quality experience for your desktop user.  Catch this one at 5:45pm/7:30pm on Mon., 1:45pm/3:30pm/5pm on Tues., and 1:45pm/3:30pm/5pm on Wed.

Conversely, let me offer the following list of what you should NOT do while in Vegas (Lucky for me, I cannot endorse nor attest to the accuracy of said list)

So there you have it – some great opportunites to learn how virtual desktops are transforming to embrace media-rich collaboration built upon a scalable, high-performance and efficient infrastructure, and some not-so-great opportunities that might have you hoping “What Happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas”.

Remember to tip your waitress/waiter – we’re here all week folks…

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