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An Update on UCS C-Series Management

- March 15, 2011 - 2 Comments

Yesterday we released an update to the UCS C-Series Cisco Integrated Management Controller (CIMC) firmware, v1.3(1c). The C-Series CIMC is the mechanism for managing UCS C-Series servers in standalone mode, that is, as standard x86 rack-mount servers, independent of a unified computing environment.

Cisco has integrated features natively into the C-Series CIMC to avoid the use of host agents running on the main server operating system. Host agents can tax the main CPU and be complex to manage in terms of licensing and version management. Cisco UCS C-series drives SNMP messaging directly from the CIMC port, providing monitoring capability without the need for agents running on the host. Other features include enhanced HDD/RAID  and power monitoring and a Quick Start Utility Pack for easy BIOS/CIMC/LOM firmware upgrade—via a web GUI.

When we released UCS Manager v1.4 back at the end of December, one of the big pieces of news was the ability to manage B- and C-Series together. The C-series CIMC uses the UCS MIBs to give users a consistent management experience whether deployed as part of a UCSM system or in a standalone deployment, so there is no learning barrier to transitioning from a standalone environment to a unified computing deployment at a later time.

To download the C-Series v1.3(1c) firmware, go here (log-in required).

And by the way, the UCS Platform Emulator for UCS Manager v1.4 is now in general availability and can be downloaded here, if you want to test out managing your C-Series servers from UCS Manager.

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  1. Jae, good question. You can use any third-party monitoring solution that is SNMPv2/3-compatible. In our case, the monitoring tool will communicate directly with the CIMC through the management port, vs via an OS-based agent.

  2. Hi Lisa, How do we monitor CPU/Memory/and other components of UCS C-series using SNMP ? Thanks, Jae