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Cisco ACI Business Value Calculator

October 2, 2015 - 4 Comments

In part 1, part 2 and part 3 of my blogs, I talked about ACI differentiators compared to other network virtualization solutions.

For more tangible benefits on savings, customers can turn to this calculator.


We take a close look at the cost of acquisition. Meaning we calculate the amount of money customers have to spend on building their networks and servers.

Simple to use, this calculator requires only a few entries to describe your environment, and you’ll immediately be able to view the savings.

If you want to learn more about the different elements that went into the calculation, check out the ZK Research paper. ZK Research looks at the architectures of both ACI and NSX and how this impacts the cost of acquisition for networks (including licensing) and compute. The research compares large enterprise and midsize business.

And to get a better understanding on the traction Cisco ACI continues to have with customers, please take a look at the recent blog by Soni Jiandani, Sr VP, Marketing for the Insieme Business Unit at Cisco.


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  1. Your calculator is producing some bizarre results. If I use the default inputs and change the number of VMs to 1,000 and select VMware vCloud Suite Enterprise Plus as the cloud management platform, the VMware license costs for the ACI configuration are $1.5M but those costs are $6.6M for the NSX configuration. How is that possible? The same number of VMware vCloud Suite licenses should be required for both configurations. If the calculator provided a detailed breakdown of the cost components, it might be more trustworthy. I work for VMware.

    • Thanks for checking out the calculator. I plugged 1,000 VMs in the tool, used vCloud for CMP and kept all default values the same except for # of vCenters where I changed it to 1 so it makes sense for the number of VMs deployed. For licenses, I got $1.46M for ACI and $2.47M for NSX hence your question why? It is simply has to do with the number of licenses required. The number of vCloud licenses required in the ACI model is less because of no additional gateways needed compared to the NSX model. Therefore it costs less. Feel free to select other options like "Cisco ONE Enterprise Suite" and compare results. Also, you may want to check the ZK Research paper (see link in the blog) for more details.

  2. Thanks for the calculator link! great post!

  3. Rami - Great blog and a superb asset for our customers! This should truly bring out the value of the architecture while linking it to tangible business benefits.